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   Chapter 175 Spoiled Child

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At the airport, Heidy and Hearst were standing side by side. Seeing more and more tourists coming out of the exit, Heidy somehow felt nervous. Today was the day when Gavin came back. From now on, he must stay here and live with them. At the thought of this, she was nervous and expectant.

After a while, a figure in a small suit appeared. Then a childish voice followed, "Father!" The next second, he fell into Hearst's arms.

Hearst bent down and carried the boy in his arms. Then he said with a bright smile on his face, "Gavin, welcome home."

"So, will I continue to live with my father in the future?" asked Gavin, who was still excited

Caressing his head, Hearst said in a spoiled tone, "Of course, you will live with mom and dad from now on."

When Gavin heard the word "mom", he turned to glance at the woman who was standing next to him. Then he broke free from Hearst's arms. In front of Heidy, Gavin raised his head and called, "Mother."

The moment she heard him call her that way, she felt warm in her heart. As she had been pregnant for nearly eight months, her body condition was not so good, but she still managed to squat down. Fondling his head, Heidy said softly, "Yes, Gavin. Gavin, happy birthday."

When Gavin heard the words, he suddenly opened his arms and gave her an unexpected hug. Heidy looked at him in disbelief. She said in a daze, "Gavin, today is not my birthday."

"I just want to cuddle you," Gavin said and cast her a glance.

Heidy smiled. "Thank you, Gavin."

"The teacher said that when baby was born, his mother would suffered a lot. So, thank you," said Gavin in a serious tone.

Looking at Gavin's eyes, she shook her head. She said softly, "That's okay. It's good to have a clever and sensible child like you." After such a long time, she knew that it was not that she could not accept Gavin, but that she did not have the courage to do it. By now, she loved Gavin very much.

As they were talking, Hearst walked up to them and lifted Heidy up. He said in a low voice, "Don't stay here all the time. It's too late now. You should pay more attention to your pregnancy."

Hearing his words, Heidy smiled sweetly. She nodded and said, "Okay. Time is almost up. Let's go home." Before she started to speak, she raised her hand and put it in front of Gavin.

Taking a glance at her fair arm, Gavin stopped in his tracks. Then he handed his palm to hers. Heidy and Hearst held Gavin's hands and walked towards home happily.

When they arrived at home, Heidy took Gavin back to his room. Fixing his eyes on the strange place, Gavin asked, "This room doesn't seem to be mine."

Hearst touched his head and explained, "Heidy has redecorated your room. She knows


Heidy didn't say another word. She just looked at Gavin, who was applying medicine for her. On seeing his carefulness, she was moved. Although the boy in front of her would shout at her, she could feel that he really cared about her. Thinking of this, she grinned.

After that, they began to have dinner. Gavin was eating in a chair and he praised, "Daddy, you are so amazing!"

Hearst picked up food for him and said, "Eat more if you like."

After a few bites, Gavin tasted the cake and remarked, "It isn't as yummy as the cake outside."

"It's my first attempt. I can do better than this on your birthday next time. You have to trust me," said Heidy smilingly.

After hearing her words, Gavin lowered his head and started to eat. Then Gavin suddenly stood up and said, "I need to go to the bathroom." After these words, he stood up and trotted towards the bathroom.

Looking at his back, Heidy smiled and lowered her head to eat. It felt good to have dinner together.

In the bathroom, Gavin's eyes were still red. Tears kept falling. In fact, he didn't want to pee, but he was a man with self-esteem. He wouldn't cry in front of Heidy and Hearst? Since childhood, he was a strong little man.

When he thought of the cake, and his father's dishes, Gavin wiped off his tears. "Thank you, mom and dad," Gavin said secretly.

Since he was little, Hearst would be with him on his birthday. Every time when he noticed that every child had their mother in their birthday, he was jealous. However, the fact that he didn't have a mother depressed him. But he didn't told Hearst about it.

Now, for the first time, his mother was in his birthday party. When he thought of this, he smiled brightly. "Mom," Gavin murmured to himself. He had been wanting to call her like that for a long time.

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