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   Chapter 173 Made A Plan

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In Wilson's house, Hearst and Heidy looked at the noisy scene in the living room with poker face. After worshiping his mother, they intended to sleep in the hotel before going back. After all, Heidy was pregnant, so Hearst didn't want her to get tired.

However, when they just got back to the hotel, Wilson suddenly called them and asked them to go home. As for the reason, he said that it was to solve some problems. So they came back together.

In the living room, Abby was kneeling on the ground, grabbing the trousers of Wilson and begged, "Dad, I don't want to go to Africa. Please don't drive me there. That place is so poor. If I go there, I will die."

Wilson's face was full of coldness and ruthlessness. He said without hesitation, "Since you did that to Hearst's mother, you should have expected the consequences. I have been feeling guilty all these years. Now, I should also punish you so that Hearst's mother can rest in peace in heaven."

As Abby opened her eyes, she shook her head violently, tears rolling down her cheeks. "No, I don't want to go," she begged. Dad, I know I was wrong. Hearst, please forgive me. I'll kowtow to you, please forgive me."

With that, Abby immediately kowtowed to Hearst again and again, trying to change his mind. She knew that she would suffer a lot in Africa. It was very difficult to survive there. At the thought of this, Abby kowtowed as her tears flowed down her cheeks.

Then, with a cold look on his face, Hearst said with a sneer, "You didn't expect you would be punished like that when you hurt my mother, right?"

The desperation was written all over Abby's face. She suddenly realized that Hearst wouldn't forgive her so easily. Once again, she crawled to the feet of her father. With a sad look, Abby said, "Dad, you've been loving me since I was a child. Can you just let me go this time? I really don't want to go to Africa. I want to wait for Jacob and Jack to come out, please."

Gavin looked at the expression on Hearst's face, Wilson noticed that he was frowning. Noticing Hearst's change, Wilson said to her in a determined voice, "Everyone should pay for what he has done. You should have thought about it when you hurt his mother."

As soon as he finished his words, Edith stepped forward and stood in front of his father, saying, "If that woman hadn't destroyed our family, I would never have done that. She deserved it..."

Suddenly, Wilson slapped on her face hard. He glared at them, and scolded, "Shut up!"

With her hands on her cheeks, Edith looked at her father with tears in her eyes. Nick was so worried that Edith might say something improper, so he stopped her at once and said, "Please don't say that, Dad know what to do."

Seeing the farce in front of him, Hearst said in a low voice, "If there's nothing else, I'll go first."

Hearing this, Wilson looked at the bodyguard and said, "Why are you still standing here? Take

atted down and held his hand, "Let go of your hatred, and start a new life."

Hearing her words, he looked surprised. He didn't expect that she would say something like that. "You also want me to let go of my hatred?" asked Hearst.

Nodding her head, she explained, "I really hope you can be happy. Hatred could be very annoying, especially when it the person you hate is your biological father. In fact, Hearst, you have avenged your mother. After this incident, it was a big blow for them. Otherwise, he won't compromise with you. For him, great damage at his company is a punishment."

Though she wanted to take revenge, she didn't want to see him suffer. Hatred was too painful. She still hoped that he could live well. So letting it go was the best solution. "Heidy." Then, Hearst stared at her and asked, "Are you going to let off him, too?"

With a nod, Catherine calmly said, "Yes, I want to give up. I thought about it later, and in fact, the biggest murderer is actually Jacob. Even if it is not your father, Jacob will ask someone else for help. Even if Jacob lend money to my father, my father would believe it. Because of me, my father trusts Jacob very much."

Seeing that he was silent, Heidy added, "He was right. You are a family after all. And my baby is also his grandchild. Taking revenge would only hurt each other. Therefore, we'll go our own ways and not interfere with each other."

On the other hand, Hearst didn't say a word. He looked at Heidy and then at his mother on the gravestone. After a long while, Hearst nodded. He said with a smile, "Okay, I promise you. Let go of my hatred and try my best to manage our marriage."

Smile appeared on her face and she nodded. "Okay. Let the bygones be bygones. We should live a good life. I think that's what your mom wants too. Your happiness is her biggest wish."

Then, holding her hand, he looked at the gravestone and asked, "Mom, is that what you're thinking?"

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