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   Chapter 172 Forgive

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The next morning, Heidy and Hearst arrived at S city by plane. They came here today not to fight against Wilson, but to memory his mother. Today was the anniversary of his mother's death. On every year, he would go to cemetery.

When they arrived, the whole family had been there. There was an unexpected person among them. At the sight of Ada, Heidy frowned, but soon she became quiet.

At the sight of them, Wilson said coldly, "You're back." The GR Group suffered a great loss because of Hearst. Therefore, Wilson hated Hearst a lot. But Wilson was clear that there was no good in turning against Hearst, so he didn't want to argue with Hearst any longer.

Hearst nodded, sitting on the sofa with a cold face. Heidy sat beside him in silence. "Have you decided the time?" There was no expression on Hearst's face.

In S City, families that wanted to go to the cemetery had to pick the time. Generally speaking, the elders of the family would pick a time and the entire family would go together. Although Hearst's mother was not their biological mother, they should attend the meeting out of courtesy. The more people went to worship them, the happier the people who died.

Wilson nodded and said calmly, "Three o'clock in the afternoon."

Hearst nodded and said nothing more. Seeing this, Nick said enthusiastically, "Hearst, you seldom come back. You'd better stay at home for a few days so that you can talk about the old days with dad."

Hearst cast a cold glance at Wilson, and then said to him with a poker face, "I don't think we need to talk. I'll go upstairs with Heidy. I'll see you later..."

"Hearst, since Heidy seldom comes back, we should let her get along well with your father. Otherwise, it will be hard for her to be accepted by the family," Ada said with a smile.

Giving her a cold glance, Hearst said coldly, "It's none of your business."

Hearing that, Ada seemed to be unhappy. Noticing this, Wilson said with displeasure, "Hearst, Ada is our guest. Behaved yourself. Ada, that's just how he is. Don't take it to heart."

Seeing that Wilson was treating her nicely, Ada said with a smile, "Don't worry, I won't take that seriously. Today was the anniversary of his mother's death. It was inevitable that he was in a bad mood. But I'm telling you the truth. Since ancient times, the daughter-in-law should be accepted by her father-in-law before marriage."

Abby sneered, "Accept her? On her dreams. We wouldn't have suffered so much if it weren't for her."

Seeing the expression on Abby's face, Heidy said calmly, "Mrs. Xu, I haven't seen you in A city for a long time. Now I know you are hiding here. Well, people like you who are notorious can only be judged if you continue to stay in A city. After all, nobody in S city knows what you have done, but people in A city know it very well."

Abby looked very annoyed and stared

protect your mother."

"You don't have to tell me that," Hearst said coldly. "Anyone who is related to my mother's death needs to pay the price."

Hearing this, Wilson said with melancholy, "Do you really refuse to forgive me? Anyway, I am your father. If your mother were still alive, she would definitely hope that you and I could get along well. Your mother is so kind and innocent."

Before he finished speaking, there was hatred in Hearst's eyes. "If it weren't for my mother's kindness and innocence, how could she be deceived to marry you. If she was not innocent, how could she be bullied at home by your other children and Jacob?"

Seeing him get emotional, Wilson knew that his mother's death had a great impact on him. Thinking of this, he slowly said, "What should I do to make you forgive me. I really regret for what I had done. I hope you can forgive me."

With a mocking smile, Hearst squinted his eyes and said coldly, "Forgive you? How to forgive you? You hope me to get back home and get along well with you to help the family business, right? Abby is the main cause of my mother's death. Do you think I would help your family?"

Understanding what he meant, Wilson said calmly, "So, as long as Abby can pay the price for this matter, you will forgive me, right?"

Hearst didn't answer. He only touched the tombstone and said, "She's really lucky. Even if she can't make a living in A city, she can come back here and start all over again. If my mom could start over again, things would have been different."

With a gentle sigh, Wilson said coldly, "I owe your mother. I'll make it up to you. Leave it to me. I will give you an explanation. And I hope it can make up for you and your mother. I hope we can start over."

Then Wilson left slowly. Hearst didn't answer. He just stared at the gravestone and said, "Mom, do you think he will be cruel enough to hurt his own daughter?"

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