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   Chapter 169 The Identity Of Hearst

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In S City, holding Hearst's hand, Heidy slowly walked towards the port. Looking at the man next to her, Heidy asked in confusion, "Where are we going?"

Hearst patted her on the hand and said with a smile, "We'll be there soon. You should be glad to see it."

Hearing what he said, she was curious. But she found that Hearst didn't seem to tell her the plan at all. At the sight of this, she had to bear it and continued to move forward as if she was just taking a walk.

As she approached, she suddenly saw a ship on fire not far away and the fire was getting bigger and bigger. Surprised, Heidy asked, "How did it happen?"

Hearst stopped and said calmly, "That ship belongs to the GR Group. It was ashore ten minutes ago. The goods on this ship are half of the goods of the GR Group this month."

Heidy goggled at him in shock. After a long while, she came to herself. "You set the fire? If you burn the ship like this, your father may get you into trouble."

With no expressions on his face, he said in a casual tone, "That's his own business. But I'm afraid he won't have the time then."

"Thank you, Hearst. I feel better after giving your father such a heavy blow," said Heidy sincerely. During this period, she tried her best to take revenge on Wilson. However, in S City, her ability was limited and what she had done had seldom impact on the GR Group.

However, Hearst burned half of GR Group's goods which must be a fatal blow to Wilson. In this case, it would have a great impact on the GR group. If it was only a revenge for the behavior of him sabotaging their relationship, he didn't need to be so cruel.

Then he pinched her cheek and in a spoiled tone, said, "Honey, you're my wife. Your business is also my business. And this time he made fun of me, I want to give him something in return, so that he can see the current situation clearly."

Glancing him up and down, she asked curiously, "Are you really just the CEO of the J.Y Group? I always feel that you are very capable, sometimes your ability far surpasses a businessman's."

With a smile, Hearst didn't answer, but said, "I'll answer you this question one day."

Hearing this, Heidy knew that Hearst was not as simple as she thought. Thinking of this, Heidy felt that the man in front of her was a mystery. But it was fine as long as she was not his enemy.

Watching the fire not far away, she teased, "Your father must be on his way here. I'm not sure whether he'll pass out in anger when he saw the ship."

"Before we came, I have blocked all the contact devices in his company. He calculated that he would come here after all the ship burned into ash. It's too late to extinguish the fire," said Hearst casually.

She looked at him in surprise and said with a smile, "Smart."

He held her shoulder and looked at the fire burning down. Now that Hearst h

on the latter's face. Hearst just looked at him calmly and said, "I said, it's not that simple."

Listening to his words and looking at him, Wilson's heart suddenly sank. Hearst's capability had exceeded his expectations. "Mr. Wilson, let's go," the policeman reminded him.

Wilson came to his sense and nodded his head. Then he was taken away unwillingly.

Seeing Wilson being taken away, Heidy and Hearst left the office together. "How do you know it is smuggling?" asked Heidy curiously.

"The information I investigated is generally accurate," said Hearst, with a faint smile on his face. "Your men in S city can take advantage of the fact that Wilson has been involved in smuggling and give his company a fatal blow. After today, he will be convicted. At that time, it will have a greater impact on his company."

Heidy understood what he meant. If Wilson was indeed involved in smuggling, not only would he be facing lawsuit, but also the pressure of the public opinion. In order to avoid suspicion and loss, some companies definitely wouldn't cooperate with Wilson at this time. In this case, the GR Group would surely fall into the economic crisis.

Heidy found that Hearst's plan was perfect. He left no chance for Wilson to make a comeback. "Hearst, you're more and more incredible to me. And I'm more and more curious about your identity," asked Heidy truthfully.

Holding her head, Hearst said in a low and hoarse voice, "You just need to know that I won't hurt you. That's enough."

Heidy understood and nodded with a smile. All of a sudden, she felt a little relieved that she was not on the opposite side of him. With a warm smile on her lips, Heidy saw Wilson being pushed by journalists. In the following days, it would be more difficult to Wilson.

Heidy looked up at the sky and smiled happily. 'Dad, your son-in-law avenged you, ' mused Heidy silently in her heart.

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