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   Chapter 168 A Potential Enemy

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In the villa, after hearing what Hearst said, Heidy said calmly, "It seems that your father really hates me and hopes I can break up with you earlier. But I can understand that too. We are mortal enemies after all."

Standing in front of the French window, Hearst interlocked his fingers with her hand. Looking into her eyes, Hearst said in a low voice, "I thought it might be him, but I haven't come to a conclusion yet. How did he deal with the matter this time without making any mistakes?"

Hearing his words, Heidy paused for a few seconds and asked hesitantly, "What are you going to do? He is your father. And you will let him off this time?

Hearst smiled coldly with a sneer. Caressing her face, he said lightly, "If it were not for Noah that he asked me to investigate it, we might have divorced. Do you think I will let it go?"

Indeed, Hearst wouldn't just give up easily. Anyway, Wilson was still his father. No matter how much Hearst hated him, she couldn't change the fact that they were related by blood. Thinking of this, she chose to remain silent.

Seeing her eager face, Hearst smiled and said, "I have prepared a big present for him, since he has plotted against us this time."

She looked at him in surprise and asked curiously, "What gift?"

"You'll know soon," said Hearst, keeping his mouth shut.

Hearing no response from him, Heidy patted him on the chest in a pouting manner and said, "You're so mysterious. In fact, I have really made up my mind to divorce and live my own life a few days ago. After going through so many things, I didn't expect that things would change so fast."

Then, he pulled her into his arms, lowered his head to kiss her forehead, and said in a hoarse voice, "It means that we're destined to meet, and we'll never end like this."

She looked out of the window, narrowing her eyes. She liked the feeling of leaning in his arms. Taking a deep breath, sh

tly, "I'm not surprised that J.Y Group can achieve the current result. When I founded the J.Y Group, I believed that I would make it. I was proud and rushed at the beginning. And consequently, I have many enemies."

"It's inevitable to have enemy in business," Heidy said affirmatively. "I'm glad that as long as the enemy is not so powerful."

Hearing that, Hearst stared ahead. He squinted slightly and said, "Yes, I can fix most of them. There's only one thing we cannot figure out."

She looked at him in astonishment and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Who gave the documents to your father and wanted to investigate Gavin. Besides, he gave you the video of your father's accident," said Hearst in a grave voice.

He had been investigating the whole thing. But every time the investigation results came out, it were some useless information. "That's right. The problem hasn't been solved yet. It seems that they have been hiding it from us deeply. They might be difficult to deal with," said Heidy surprisedly.

Holding her in his arms, he said lazily, "I don't care about him. I just don't want you to get hurt. Otherwise, I won't let him go."

Everyone had their own bottom line. And now, Hearst's bottom line was Heidy. He wouldn't allow anyone to hurt her.

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