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   Chapter 160 Hidden Under The Quilt

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Heidy woke up early in the morning. The sunshine was warm, but she still felt cold. Deep in her heart, she still couldn't feel any warmth. These days, when she woke up every morning and found nobody beside her, she would feel upset.

Thinking of what happened yesterday, her eyelashes trembling. She lowered her eyes and said sadly, "Why don't you believe me? We have known each other for so long. Don't you know that I'm not that kind of person?"

Thinking of what had happened recently, Heidy believed that someone had been stirring up trouble between her and Hearst. Thinking of this, she frowned and kept silent for a long time. But she couldn't immediately find out who did it.

"No, I can't give up. I must find out who wanted to hurt me," said Heidy seriously.

As soon as she came to the company, she asked Warren to investigate the accident. "No matter how much money it will cost, I want to know the result," said Heidy firmly.

Warren nodded and asked curiously, "Boss, did you really reach a deadlock on this matter? I don't think you are that kind of person. Mr. Hearst is supposed to know you better."

Heidy smiled bitterly and said sadly, "Maybe those closely involved could not see clearly. Plus, my concern for the Hua Group made him think that I would do that. But I didn't expect him to believe it. After all, I don't even have any evidence."

Taking notice of the hesitant look on her face, Warren tried to comfort her by saying, "Mr. Hearst might just be unable to figure it out in a short time. I believe that when he figure it out, he will apologize to you."

"I don't expect him to apologize. It's really bad to be misunderstood," said Heidy slowly.

Looking at her, Warren smiled and said, "Boss, I'll have more people investigate this and find out who set you up. I believe that the truth will come to light soon. Boss, you'd better take good care of yourself. You are pregnant now, so you can't be too emotional."

"Okay," said Heidy with a smile. "Thank you, Warren."

Seeing her in low spirits, an idea occurred to Warren suddenly. He said with a smile, "Boss, we've spread the news that the GR Group used dirty tricks to merge other small companies. The news has gone viral. All the other companies protested against GR Group together on this matter."

In the past few days, she hadn't stopped taking revenge on the GR Group. Even if her ability was limited, she would try her best to give him a little punishment. Thus, she arranged for someone to investigate the GR Group. She wanted to enlarge the impact so as to strike a blow to the GR Group.

"Now the public is scolding the GR Group, and the Wang Group, which has always been at odds with the GR Group, took advantage of this time to cooperate with some small companies. Now the GR Group is in grave danger and many companies have cancelled

that. I was irritated at that time, so I spoke without thinking. Every mother will like their child, and every mother will care about it. I am just mad to say that," said Heidy slowly, staring at him.

Hearst didn't interrupt her. He just stared at her coldly. Seeing his expression, Heidy added, "There is one more thing that I have to declare solemnly that I haven't betrayed you. I have my dignity and principles. I will never cheat on my husband. You are different from that bastard, Jack."

Although she had never cheated on him before they divorced, she still had sex with Hearst. Strictly speaking, it was a kind of betrayal of her body.

On the other hand, Hearst kept silent and just looked at her quietly. His eyes seemed to see through her. Without fear, she also looked into his eyes. They looked at each other in silence, as if the air had been frozen.

"Are you sure that you didn't do that with that man in the hotel? Or just chat under the quilt?" said Hearst.

She threw him a glance, and murmured, "Hearst, how can we have a chat without going to the hotel? I haven't been to that hotel. I went straight home after the birthday party that night."

On the other hand, Hearst kept silent, as if he was thinking about her words. Frustrated, she turned around and said, "I've told you everything I know. It's all up to you." Then she walked away.

Standing there, Hearst watched her leave with her head down. Although he couldn't see her expression, he felt that she was not happy. Thinking of those photos, he asked with doubt, "Did I wrong her? Are those pictures not real?"

In fact, deep inside, he didn't want to believe that Heidy was that kind of person. However, when he checked those photos, he found that they were not synthetic. Then, his strong will was destroyed. At that time, he had been really furious.

"Maybe I should trust her," said Hearst softly.

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