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   Chapter 159 I Must Be Crazy To Fall In Love With You

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Since they were in a stalemate, they didn't contact each other. They seemed to take each other as a stranger. Sometimes, a couple who was too proud was doomed to suffer a lot.

Today was the birthday of a university classmate. Originally, Heidy did not intend to attend, but she finally went to the party after Jessica's persuasion. There were some friends in school. But after graduation, due to the business, they were not in touch at all.

At the birthday party, Heidy sat in the corner, quietly drinking milk. When Jessica came to Heidy, she found that she was upset. Holding her shoulders, Jessica smiled and said, "Well, don't be upset any more. The reason why I invited you to come out today is that I hope you can be happy."

She forced a smile and said in an embarrassed tone, "Is that okay?"

Jessica patted on her head. Then, she grumbled, "You had better not smile."

Staring ahead, Heidy said bitterly, "Why not? Even if you are unhappy, it's better to smile than cry."

Looking into her eyes, Jessica sighed and said, "Yes, you and Hearst had a really complicated relationship. In fact, I am also curious. Who made those photos?"

Looking at the tasteless water in her hand, she shook her head and replied, "I don't know. I've made too many enemies these days and I'm already exhausted."

"In fact, if you hadn't promised me, I would have thought that the woman in the photos was you too. You two are alike. It is difficult for others to tell the difference," said Jessica.

Heidy didn't answer, but her eyes wandered. After a short while, Jessica played with her friend. Heidy sat there quietly and watched in silence, having no intention of getting involved.

When she was distracted, a young man sat down next to her and said with a smile, "You are Heidy, right? I've seen you in the school. You are still as beautiful as before. Are you married?"

As for the young man's accost, Heidy said calmly, "I'm married."

Sensing her coldness, the young man still said enthusiastically, "Congratulations. After graduation, I have gone to another city and rarely pay attention to what happened in A city. If it weren't for his birthday, I wouldn't have come back. I've heard your name in the school before. Would you like to sing with me later?"

She glanced at him coldly and said coldly, "Sorry, I'm busy."

Seeing the distant look on Heidy's face, the young man became more enthusiastic. He said brazenly, "Don't turn me down so quickly. We are schoolmates after all. It's my destiny to meet you today."

Seeing that he was persistent in inviting her without any intention of giving up, she stood up and said apologetically,

ppointment on his face.

Hearing his words, she was irritated and shouted, "What do you want? You have no right to judge me even if I had slept with another man. Didn't you say we were just business relationship?"

Before she finished speaking, Hearst suddenly raised his fist and threw it towards her face. Seeing that the fist was about to fall on her face, she closed her eyes instinctively. A gust of wind passed through her ear, followed by a loud sound behind her.

Hearing it, Heidy slowly turned sideways with her eyes wide open. She saw that Hearst's fist was falling on the wall. Blood flew down from his fist. Heidy looked at him in shock and grabbed his hand by instinct. She asked anxiously, "Are you insane?"

Looking at her, Hearst smiled bitterly, "Yes, I'm insane. I must be crazy to fall in love with you."

Her body instantly became stiff. Then, they looked into each other's eyes. In his eyes, Heidy saw his pain and despair. She seldom saw this expression in his eyes. "Hearst." It was difficult for her to say that.

Getting rid of her hand, Hearst didn't notice the bleeding wound on his arm. The blood was dripping and left a mottled trace. "I don't want to hear your lie. Or I'll think I'm a real fool," Hearst said in a low and deep voice and turned around indifferently.

Looking at his back, she felt a lump in her throat, tears rolling down silently. "Hearst. I'm not!" said Heidy excitedly.

Staring blankly ahead, Hearst didn't turn back, but said in a heavy tone, "I thought I knew you well before. You are so strange to me now. I feel so disappointed." Then he turned around and left resolutely.

She leaned against the door, trying to hold on. Looking at his back, she smiled bitterly and her tears rolled down tirelessly.

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