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   Chapter 157 Heidy, You Had Better Not Lie To Me

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9093

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In the CEO Office of Hua Group, Heidy told Paul about her work with a smile. "Paul, from next month, Hearst will come to help managing the company. You have to cope with some social engagements," said Heidy in embarrassment.

Hearing this, Paul smiled and replied, "No problem. It's my job. I've always heard that Mr. Hearst is very efficient. Maybe by then he can reduce my work burden."

With a warm smile on her face, Heidy nodded, "Yes, Hearst is capable. But after all, he is not familiar with the company. If he comes, you will have to show him around. After I give birth to the baby, I will give you a big holiday to relax."

Paul nodded and smiled, "Okay, no problem. Even for the vocation, I will work hard. But you have to personally handle the business in C City tomorrow. Their company requested that you have to go there personally. Otherwise, the cooperation is not easy to reach."

Understanding what he meant, she nodded, "Well, I know. I've arranged the schedule for tomorrow. I just started to rest next month. I have to work hard this month, but I can't let myself be too tired. Otherwise, Hearst would be very angry."

Hearing this, Paul said with admiration, "You two are so lucky to find each other. Since you have met him, you should cherish him."

"You are also a good man. I heard that you are going to get engaged soon. Congratulations!" said Heidy.

With a happy smile on his face, Paul said, "So I need to work hard now, in order to give her a better life. Boss, I'll go to work now." Then he turned around and left.

Watching him leaving, she lowered her eyes with a slight smile. As he said, it was not easy to meet someone who loved you. Thus, she understood that she should cherish him. She looked at the time. Then she took out her phone and pressed the button.

The phone was quickly connected. There came the deep and pleasant voice of Hearst. "What's wrong?"

Leaning against the chair, she waved her chair from side to side and said like a spoiled child, "Do you miss me?"

On the other side of the phone, Hearst was silent for a few seconds before answering, "Yes, I do."

"You are still hesitant. It seems that you are not serious with your words," said Heidy in a flirtatious tone.

In a helpless yet smiling voice, Hearst replied, "Honey, I'm in a meeting."

Hearing this, Heidy sat up immediately with her face burning. The next second, Heidy answered quickly, "I'm going to C City for business tomorrow. I'll be back soon. Nothing else. Bye."

She didn't give any time for Hearst to answer, and hung up the phone quickly. Listening to the beeping on the phone, Hearst couldn't help smiling when he imagined how bashful she was right now.

"Boss, can w

id with disappointment, "There are only a few people who can make themselves look like others with makeup. I've asked someone to investigate them. They haven't been to A city recently. And it is easy to tell whether it is the real you or not even if the woman wore makeup. Look at her. Do you think she looks like you in the photo?"

Slowly lowering her hands, she looked at the woman in the photo, not knowing what to say. The light in the hotel was not very bright, but she could see in several photos that they were taken from different angles. The woman looked exactly like Heidy. If Heidy had not done it herself, she would have believed it was her.

Pain flickered in her eyes, and tears rolled down. She said firmly, "I didn't..."

"Catherine, do you really care about your child's health? You can drink unscrupulously like this. What if you really get alcohol syndrome? Since she was pregnant, why couldn't she be safe. In your eyes, is Hua group more important than your flesh and blood? " He was telling the truth.

Looking at him, she tried to grab his sleeve and explain, "Hearst, I really didn't..."

She shook off her hands hard and said coldly, "I'd rather you admit it frankly than see you keep lying. I'm so disappointed in you. " Then, he turned around and left without looking back.

With a loud bang, the door was slammed shut. Looking at the closed door, Hua Nita sat on the sofa in a weak manner, sobbing, "why? What happened?"

Tears streamed down her face in silence. Catherine lowered her head and buried her hands in her arms. Their relationship had been eased for a few days, but she didn't expect such a thing to happen. At the thought of this, she felt a heavy heart.

She picked up the picture which floated on the ground and looked at the woman in it, biting her lips.

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