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   Chapter 156 What I Care About Is The Result

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After what had happened in the hotel, the relationship between Heidy and Hearst became stiff. And they fell into an invisible cold war. Heidy didn't want to leave the Hua Group behind, and as for Hearst, he couldn't stand by and watch her work, regardless of her children. Therefore, they couldn't solve the problems.

In the bar, Hearst was sitting on the bar counter, drinking one glass after another. Thinking of what had happened in the past few days, Hearst was in a bad mood. Standing next to him, Noah smiled and said, "Every time you drink, it has something to do with Heidy. She is really your nemesis."

Hearing his words, Hearst said in a low voice, "Why is she so stubborn? She didn't consider her baby's feelings at all."

After thinking about it for a while, Noah explained, "If Heidy didn't that stubborn, or the Hua Group was not that important to her, you and her would not be in a quarrel right now. But she really didn't handle it properly this time. It's not easy to solve this conflict."

In the eyes of Hearst, his career was just a part of his life. For him, his family was more important. Besides, this unborn baby was the first child he had after he fell in love with Heidy. To him, this was quite meaningful.

Holding the glass tightly, Hearst said in a hoarse voice, "I really don't understand her."

Noah patted him on the shoulder and comforted him, "Give her some more time. I believe she can figure it out. Sometimes, she have to make a choice between family and career."

"She doesn't trust me. In other words, I'm her enemy's son, not her husband." Then he said with self-mockery, "She doesn't know me well. I think that a wife and children are more important than my father who doesn't love me."

Ever since his mother passed away, Hearst's attachment to his father had faded away. When he was a child, he didn't get much love from his father. Therefore, as a result, he didn't care much about his father.

After thinking for a while, Noah said calmly, "I understand her. You've known each other for a short time, so it's reasonable for her to be worried. You two haven't been in love for a long time."

Without saying anything, Hearst just stared blankly ahead. He lifted the glass and repeated the same movement mechanically. Only in this way could he temporarily forget those unhappy things.

While Hearst got drunk, Heidy stayed at home quietly and waited for him to come back.

They lived under the same roof these days, but they didn't talk to each other. As if they were invisible to each other. Though Heidy didn't like it, she didn't know how to fix the relationship.

Sitting on the bedside, Heidy held her cell phone tightly and looked at the screen, but she did not have the courage to dial. With her eyebrows knitted, Heidy said worriedly, "Why hasn't he come back yet? Is there something wrong?"

After struggling for a long time, she finally dialed the number of Hears

iod of my working as the CEO."

Hearing his words, Heidy responded with a smile, "Well, I know you can do it. Then, can we reconcile? You haven't spoken to me these days. It's killing me."

Hearst pulled her into his arms and kissed her on her forehead. "I'm sorry. I made you sad these days."

Shaking her head, she said in an understanding tone, "Actually, your concerns are right. I am not a qualified mother. I also know it's very dangerous for me to do that, but the Hua Group is very important to me and I don't want to give it up."

An inescapable responsibility was held in everyone's heart. For her, the Hua Group was her responsibility. What she was thinking was to run the Hua Group as well as possible. And she didn't think it though.

"Well, but you should be clear that you can continue to run the business you missed, even if you lose money and go bankrupt, you can still make a comeback. However, if the baby is gone, not only will it turn out to be an accident, it also will push Gavin the death."

Understanding what he meant, Heidy nodded hard and said with a smile, "Well, I know. You can rest assured, Hearst. I will have a good rest at home after half a month, and not bring any danger to the baby."

Finally, he felt relieved. Touching her face with his finger pulps, he said lovingly, "Well, I believe in you. It's late. Go to bed early. You can't stay up so late in the future. It is bad for the baby."

Then, Hearst tenderly push Heidy down and lie down on the bed side by side. She was leaning sideways and nestling against his chest. The familiar hug made her feel warm.

Slowly closing her eyes, she felt sleepy. "Good night," Heidy whispered and soon fell asleep.

Hearst hugged him and placed his head against hers. In the past few days, they had been deadlocked. And now, they finally solved the problems. Hearst lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. Then he said in a hoarse voice, "Good night."

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