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   Chapter 152 Counterattack

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The next day, Heidy was finally discharged from the hospital. However, when she thought of the threat from Wilson, she frowned all the time. Before the matter was settled, she always felt depressed. As there was only one day left before the deadline, she was really uneasy.

When she returned home, she saw that most servants were new here. After the food poisoning, Hearst had carefully inspected the servants to make sure there was no accident again.

The servant came to the front of Heidy and said respectfully, "Mrs. Heidy, you must be tired. Go back to your room and have a rest. The dinner will be ready soon."

Looking around, she asked in curiosity, "Where is Hearst? I didn't see him."

"Mr. Hearst is busy growing flowers in the yard," the servant answered honestly.

She looked at the servant in surprise. Then she turned around and walked into the yard. From far away, she could see that Hearst was bent down and seriously planted flowers in the garden. Half of the flowers had been planted in the garden, and a burst of fragrance came into her nose.

Astonished at the scene, she walked slowly towards him. The closer she went to the plant, the stronger the fragrance became. Surprised to see the blue enchantress in the garden, Heidy was full of joy.

Standing in front of him, she asked in astonishment, "Why do you want to plant flowers all of a sudden?"

Hearst sat up, and he perspired on his forehead. Holding the tools in his hands, Hearst said with a low smile, "The doctor said that it is good for the fetus to let you have a happy mood. I know you like flowers, so I wanted to plant the blue enchantress here for you."

Hearing his explanation, she felt warm in her heart. Gazing at him, she was moved and said, "Thank you, thank you so much for being so considerate. In fact, you can ask the gardeners to plant flowers. It's very tiring."

"It's my gift for you. So I planted them with my own hands," explained Hearst.

She walked forward, opened her arms and hugged him, and said gratefully, "Thank you for everything you have done for me. Although we have met many terrible things, on the whole, I am very happy to meet you."

He wanted to touch her head, but he had dirt on her hands, so he didn't do that. "Honey, it's great that I can do something for the woman you love," said Hearst in a hoarse voice.

Leaning against his chest, she slowly closed her eyes. Though there was a smell of sweat on him, it smelled good. Maybe because she loved him so much.

The yard became blue again when Hearst had planted all the blue enchantress. Standing there and enjoying the view, Heidy kept smiling.

Leaning against him, she said softly, "All my troubles will disappear when I see the sea of flowers. I didn't expect to enjoy such a beautiful view at home."

He put his hands around her waist

eep calm. "What are you going to do?" he asked

Hearst didn't say anything but smiled a lot. At this moment, his assistant ran to office quickly and came to Wilson. He said anxiously, "Something has happened, chairman. I just got the news that Mr. Nick had a car accident on the way to sign the contract."

Wilson sat up in shock. His face turned pale immediately. "How's Nick?"

"Mr. Nick is all right. He just has a slight fracture in his arm. It's just, we were late for the contract signing, which made Mr. John very angry and cancelled the cooperation with our company. And he ask his secretary to tell us that he will not cooperate with us in the future," the assistant answered quickly.

When Wilson heard the news, he slumped into the chair, feeling helpless. He had been trying two months cooperate with Mr. John and finally got it. Unexpectedly, something went wrong at the last step.

Wilson became furious. "Hearst, it was you who caused the car accident on Nick."

Facing his anger, Hearst replied calmly, "So what? Do you have any evidence? Even if you find the evidence, you are doomed to lose this business. This is just a small return. I hope you can stay away from my wife and children. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been as relaxed as this time. And Nick would not just fractured."

Staring at the man in front of him, Wilson felt an invisible deterrent force. "Do you think you can defeat me? Hearst. I'm your father. You can't never win." His face darkened when he spoke.

Hearst looked at him and said, "You know clearly whether I can or not. The feud between us needs to be cleared. If you want to continue to hurt the people I care about, I will let you know that... whether I can or not."

After saying that, Hearst turned around in a bossy manner, leaving the room. Thumping the table heavily, Wilson glared angrily, "Damn it, how dare you threaten me!"

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