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   Chapter 149 Bickering

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 10076

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At the large-scale sports center in A city, Jessica was sitting at the waiting area, exercising her joints constantly, making preparation. Today, she would participate with several other competitors in the new Taekwondo competition on behalf of A city.

Jessica didn't really want to win this kind of competition. But it was different this time, because the opponent was the top International Taekwondo player, Aline, whom she had always wanted to challenge. At the thought of this, an expectant look appeared on her face.

"Come on, baby. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just protect yourself and don't get hurt," said Vicky.

Hearing her words, Jessica raised her neck and said confidently, "I will do my best, and Aline is my goal for so many years. Finally I can compete with her. Even if I get hurt, it is worth it."

When they were talking, Noah asked her, "Why are you here?"

Jessica looked into the direction of the voice and saw that Noah was walking towards her with a smile. When she saw him, Jessica smiled and said, "That's exactly what I want to ask you. What are you doing here?"

Putting his hands in the pockets, Noah smiled and said, "It seems that we are destined to meet. But is it a good thing or a bad thing?"

Before he finished speaking, Jessica raised her hand to give him a lecture. Seeing this, Noah grasped her wrist quickly and said, "What a rude woman! Can't you do anything else other than beating me? You are not cute at all."

Before he finished his words, Jessica raised her foot and stepped on him. It was so painful that Noah cried out, "Ouch! Can't you stop beating me?"

Letting go of him, Jessica clapped her hands and said casually, "You are so careless. Just practice."

"I'm just being a gentleman. I don't want to argue with you," Noah said proudly.

Jessica made a face at him and said, "I don't believe you."

When she let her guard down, Noah patted her head secretly. When Jessica was about to fight back, she found that he had already run away. "You brat," Jessica rubbed her hair and grumbled.

Vicky walked towards her and said in a gossipy tone, "Jessica, that young man is very handsome. Is he your friend? Does he have a girlfriend now? I think he is good. How about..."

Holding her arm at once, Jessica said with a smile, "Mother, don't think too much. Noah is just one of my ordinary friends. In my eyes, he is not a real man. I will go prepare for the competition soon." As she said so, she started to run.

Watching her daughter run away, Vicky muttered, "It seems that my daughter's eyes are not so good. Such a good boy actually stays at your side. No wonder you can't find a boyfriend. It seems that I have to try my best to do something for you."

Soon enough, Jessica came to the stage. Jessica saw the disdainful look on line's face. Jessica stood opposite her and said with a smile, "Don't underestimate me, I will let you remember who I am."

Hearing her words, Aline was shocked. She raised her eyebrows and s

and said jokingly, "Yes, I don't understand the concept of being beaten. I'm different from someone else."

With her eyes narrowed, Jessica was about to teach him a lesson. But as soon as the wound was pulled open, she felt painful. Seeing this, Noah said slowly, "You'd better behave yourself, or you will suffer now. Luckily, your face is fine. Otherwise, you would look ugly."

Hearing his praise, Jessica smiled and said, "You have good taste, but I'm born to..."

"Although you face is good and not crooked, I don't like it much," Noah added with a smile.

When she heard his words, Jessica kicked him directly and shouted, "Noah, do you want to die? I'm the most adorable, lovely girl in the world."

Noah curved his lips and said with a smile, "Beauty. I want to give you a few words, do you want to hear?"

Looking at his appearance, the intuition told her that it must not be something good, but she still couldn't help asking, "What is that?"

With a smile on his face, Noah replied, "You're shameless."

Before he finished his words, Jessica lifted her leg again. But this time, Noah had made full preparation and ran away quickly. "Noah, come back!" shouted Jessica.

Noah put the ointment on the ground and said with a smile, "I'm not so stupid. I've applied medicine to the wounds. As for the rest of the wounds on your private part of your body, you should take care of them yourself, lest you say I'm a rogue. The medicine is effective. Remember to take it. I'm leaving." After that, Noah turned around, with his hands in her pockets, and left smilingly.

Watching him leave, she shouted, "Next time I see you, I will beat you up."

Noah didn't look back. He just raised his hand and made an "OK" gesture.

After talking with Noah, she wasn't so depressed anymore. She shrugged her shoulders, picked up the ointment and walked forward in a good mood.

Noah stopped and looked back at Jessica. With an evil and charming smile, he said, "This silly girl is interesting."

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