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   Chapter 147 Don't You Need My Compensation

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In the cemetery, Heidy stood in front of the tombstone in silence, looking at the familiar and kind man on it. Her eyes flashed with pain. Slowly squatting down, she caressed the tombstone and said softly, "Dad, what do you think I should do?"

She was still struggling with what had happened yesterday. She couldn't accept the fact peacefully when she recalled how nice and considerate Hearst was to her. She had loved and cared about Hearst all the time. Even though they knew that they were each other's enemies, the love in Heidy's heart could not be obliterated.

However, in these days, she had been forcing herself not to think about him. But when she was on the verge of death, the man she was unwilling to leave was Hearst.

Lowering her head, she said bitterly, "Dad, I know that I shouldn't love him. But I can't lie to my heart. Just as assistant Liu said, it was his father who hurt you, not Hearst. Why should I impose the pain on both of us? But I didn't persuade myself to give up. I was very painful..."

She closed her eyes slowly, and her heart was full of pain and struggle. It was a torture for her to have the feeling that she couldn't love him. She had to cherish Hearst after what had happened. She didn't want to leave him in the future. Even if she regretted, it was useless.

She kept chatting with her father and told him the real feeling in her heart. Though he was dead, he was still alive in Heidy's heart. Therefore, she wanted to ask for her father's opinion.

Jessica came to her, squatted down and said, "I just went to your company, and your assistant told me that you had been away for a long time and guessed that you were here. Heidy, I think it's time for you to let go of yourself. Instead of asking your father's opinion."

Hearing his words, with puzzlement and confusion in her eyes, Heidy asked curiously, "You want me to let go of myself?"

Jessica nodded firmly and said, "Yes, I want you to let go of yourself. Heidy, your father love you. In his heart, your happiness must be the most important thing. You love Hearst so much now. He hope you can be happy. What truly bothers you is yourself."

Heidy didn't say anything, but stared at the tombstone in a daze. Looking at her father, she thought of how much he loved her in the past. Indeed, her father loved her very much. Whatever he did, he hoped that she could be happy.

Thinking of this, she sighed softly, "If I am with Hearst, can dad forgive me? Will he feel that I am staying with my enemy and resent me?"

Shaking her head, Sherry said in a serious tone, "No, I know. No one wants more than your father that you can happy. You know, Hearst is an excellent man and he really loves you. If your father is here, he will wish you happy and seize your own happiness. Not every

reath and said with a smile, "I came to you today to thank you for saving me last night. If it weren't for you, I would have died."

"You don't have to thank me. As long as you are fine, it's enough for me," said Hearst in a low voice.

With a light smile, Heidy continued, "You lost such an important project because of me. So I'm wondering if I should make it up to you."

Looking at her, Hearst pinched her cheek and said, "It doesn't matter. You really don't need to do that. I don't need you to make up for me. I just want you to live well and healthily."

Heidy raised her eyebrows and asked, "Do you really not need my compensation?"

"Well, no need. I saved you just because you are my wife and the mother of my children," replied Hearst calmly.

Nodding her head, Heidy said slowly, "I see. I was going to make up for you and be with you again. Now since you think it's unnecessary..."

Before she finished speaking, Hearst said quickly, "Wait, I need it, I need it."

Heidy's face lit up when she saw the surprised look on his face. Maybe she should give herself a chance, and also give a chance to Hearst. "So, you need my compensation?" Heidy chuckled.

With his hands on her shoulders, he said to her with a smile, "I need it. I really need it. Honey, I need you to forgive me and live a good life with me."

With an embarrassed nod, she said, "Okay, I will reluctantly promise you. Hearst, I won't get you involved in what happened between me and your father. Let's enjoy our life from now on."

Hearst happily pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. "Okay, let's enjoy our lives. From now on, don't argue with each other. Don't give each other the silent treatment. I will love you, cherish you and protect you."

Heidy closed her eyes and responded softly, "I believe in you." Perhaps, this is the right decision.

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