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   Chapter 146 Why Should I Take The Responsibility Of His Crime

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In the mansion, Hearst was sitting on his chair, poker faced, and holding his phone tightly. Right in front of him, assistant Liu saw the look on Hearst's face changed dramatically. "Boss, what happened?"

Coming to himself, Hearst ordered coldly, "Investigate the identity of the troublemaker in Hua Group yesterday. And investigate his whereabouts as soon as possible. Investigate Heidy's phone and report to me where she is right now."

Assistant Liu at him in surprise. He had been with Hearst for many years, so he knew what he meant. He asked, "Has Mrs. Heidy been kidnapped?"

With a grim face, Hearst nodded and didn't say anything more. Seeing this, he understood what Hearst meant at once and said, "Okay, I'll deal with it right now." Then, assistant Liu left in a hurry.

Sitting back on his seat, Hearst was holding his phone tightly and couldn't help but feel nervous.

After a while, assistant Liu went back to the room and said respectfully, "The information of that man has been sent to your computer. Although Mrs. Heidy's mobile phone has been turned off, the last position shown on the mobile phone has been settled, which is in a mountain on the suburb of the city."

"In the mountain?" Hearing that, Hearst squinted. He knew that Heidy must be with the man, "Arrange some people to come with me to the mountain to save her."

No matter who the man was, Hearst would never let anyone hurt her. "Yes, sir," assistant Liu responded plainly.

'Heidy, wait for me, ' Hearst said to herself.

It was cold on the mountain at night, and there was a draught in the thatched cottage. Heidy curled up in the corner, shivering with cold. After that, the man disappeared and never appeared again. Her limbs had turned numb, and her looked pale.

Hearing some sounds coming from outside, the night then went silent. Heidy couldn't help but feel a little scared. 'I hope time could go by more quickly, ' thought Heidy.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open. The man quickly came i

and tell himself she was safe.

On their way down the mountain, Hearst was taking with someone on the phone. Heidy and assistant Liu walked behind him. "Mrs. Heidy, in order to save you, boss has suffered a great loss," assistant Liu said suddenly.

She looked at him in confusion and asked, "What do you mean?"

"There was a business this morning which was supposed to profit hundreds of millions. He is a foreigner with punctual sense, but at this time, our boss is still here, so we have no chance to cooperate with them anymore," assistant Liu said calmly.

Dumbfounded, she widened her eyes. Astonishment was in her eyes. She didn't expect him to give up your business because of her. "Why would he do that? He didn't need to come to me in person. I get him into trouble this time," Clenching her fists, she whispered.

Hearing that, assistant Liu smiled and replied, "In boss's heart, you are always the most important. Our boss is really in love with you. I know you are still angry about what our boss's father had done to you. But he is him, not his father. Why should he bear his father's crime? Mrs. Heidy, please don't make our boss sad again."

Heidy bit her lips and said nothing. "I feel as bad as he is," said Heidy bitterly. Looking at his back, Heidy suddenly wondered if she should really change her mind.

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