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   Chapter 144 Leave Heidy

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The party was still going on, and Heidy felt a little boring, so she went outside for a blow. She ran into Hugh not far from the room. Seeing him, she smiled and said, "Hugh, long time no see."

He looked at her with a gentle smile on his face. "Yes, it's been a long time. You're pregnant. How could you come here?"

"Today is Jessica's birthday. I'm here to celebrate it," Heidy explained.

Hugh replied with a gentle smile, "Yes. It seems that we are destined to meet. We can meet again before I leave."

She looked at him in surprise and asked curiously, "Where are you going?"

With one of his hands in his trouser pocket, Hugh replied with a smile, "Go to the place where I should have stayed. I came here only to avoid something."

Nodding her head, she smiled and said, "Well, it's good to leave. In fact, I have always thought that you are not suitable to be here. You should belong to a better place."

Hearing her praise, Hugh still wore a smile on his face. "Perhaps. Heidy, we are also friends. I advise you not to develop a close relationship with Hearst. Otherwise, I don't want you to be injured in the future."

Surprised, she listened to him and asked, "Why did you say that?"

Looking at the confusion in her eyes, Hugh smiled and said casually, "It's just a feeling. But as far as I know, he's a cold and detached man. Besides, you have experienced a failure in your marriage, so you should be clear that only when you don't love deeply can you protect yourself better."

Hearing what he said, Heidy replied with a hum, "Okay, I see. Thank you for your reminding. I wish you a better future."

Hugh smiled. He looked at the man walking towards them and said, "I'm looking forward to our next meeting." Hugh said and turned around to the door.

Heidy still stood there, staring at his receding figure. Though she didn't know much

family business is in S City, not A city. If you marry Miss Ada in the future, it will benefit your company definitely. I hope you can think it over, even for yourself."

Hearst sneered, breaking the silence. He squinted and said, "You think I'm like you? Only put interests before marriage? Although I am your son, we are not the same. If you just want me to break up with Heidy, you can go. Servants, see him out."

The servant came to Wilson's side and respectfully said, "Sir, please."

Wilson, whose face turned livid with rage. It never occurred to him that Hearst would look down upon him like this. After a long pause, Wilson snorted and said, "We will never accept Heidy. You should think it over."

"Bye," said Hearst, still in a casual tone.

Wilson turned around and left angrily. Wilson walked out of the house. Standing at the closed door, he squinted. What Heidy had done to him made it impossible for him to accept an enemy like her to be his daughter-in-law. What's more, if he wanted to do business, he had to ally with the Liu family by marriage.

"Since you don't want to break up with her, don't blame me for being cruel to Heidy," Wilson said as his voice was as cold as ice. He turned around and left coldly.

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