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   Chapter 141 The Photos Leaked

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After the meeting was held in S city, Heidy began to arrange her men to take revenge on the GR Group. Though they were not in the same place, Heidy spared no effort to deal with him.

In Wilson's mansion, with a frown, Wilson was listening Nick to report the company's affairs. "These days, there are several almost finished business. But the clients changed their mind temporarily. That must have something to do with the reputation of our group after the band news," Nick said seriously.

Wilson narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "I didn't expect that Heidy is so good at playing tricks. I really underestimated her before."

After hearing his words, Nick agreed with him and said, "Yes, a beautiful girl. I didn't expect that she is so smart to do something like that."

Looking at him, Wilson reminded him, "Don't have any other thoughts on her. Otherwise, not to mention Heidy, even Hearst won't forgive you. If you were as capable as Hearst, the company wouldn't have been affected."

Nick touched his nose unnaturally and said in a low voice, "I'm just saying it casually. How can I really think about that. Dad, what should we do now? Over the past few days, a lot of people in S city were talking about the smuggling. If we didn't come up with a solution, it would affect a lot of our business. "

With his eyes narrowed, Wilson thought about it seriously with his hands crossed over his chest. Then he said, "The company give a statement to let the media report it. And find a way to catch the person who spread the rumors. After keeping the matter under control, we would try to distract the attention of the public. It's not that easy to destroy our company."

Nick nodded and said smilingly, "Yes, Dad, I know what I should do. It was easy to deal with Heidy. After all, she is a woman. As long as Hearst doesn't help her, our family will be fine."

Speaking of which, Wilson quieted down and said, "It's hard to say what Hearst was thinking

rrived at the company, she heard the employees talking about the news. "The woman in the picture is our boss? It never occurred to me that she had given birth to two babies before. I have no idea who that man is. Does she have an affair with another man when he was dating with Mr. Jack?" one of the employees said in a low voice.

"I don't think so. She doesn't look like that kind of person," another employee responded.

Hearing the whispers, Heidy clenched her fists. She paused motionlessly, glanced around, and said coldly, "If you have time to gossip, why not spend more time on your work?"

Those who had been gossiping bowed their heads and answered respectfully, "Yes, boss."

"If I hear anyone gossip in the future, I will fire them directly," said Heidy coldly. Her voice sounded very serious and everyone shut their mouths up.

After looking around, Heidy finally raised her feet and calmly walked to the elevator. The elevator closed slowly, and Heidy sighed softly. She closed her eyes to hide all her emotions.

When she opened her eyes again, she returned to calm. She didn't expect things turning out like this when she was helping Hearst to make a baby. But now that it had happened, she must have the courage to face it bravely. Thinking of this, she slowly loosened her fists.

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