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   Chapter 140 Will You Stop Me

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In S City, the plane landed. Heidy and her assistant got off the plane. Today, on behalf of the Hua Group, Heidy attended the annual meeting of the financial world. Every year, famous domestic groups would be invited to have a discussion on the domestic economic development.

As for A city, only the Hua Group and the J.Y Group were qualified to attend. When she came to S city once again, she felt nothing different. She guessed that she would meet Wilson later. After all, the GR Group was a well-known company.

When she just walked out of the airport, she saw both Hearst and Noah. Heidy was surprised to see them. Normally, a company would only have one person to attend the meeting.

Seeming to understand what she was thinking, Noah continued joking, "Don't you think it's very strange that we come together? Today, I am not come here as the vice president of the J.Y Group, but the boss of the J.N investment company."

Then, Hearst came over to her and added, "Noah has his own company. He helped me manage my company all these years."

"Okay," answered Catherine calmly. "You guys really have deep feelings to each other. Even your company's name is identical with Noah's." Then she walked away.

It took Hearst a few seconds to understand what was going on. Noah smiled and said, "You wife is so cute. We are so affectionate to each other. What a pity that we don't become a couple!"

Hearing their conversation, Heidy's lips curved. At least, she didn't have to face Wilson alone, which made her happy.

As the meeting was held in a large hotel by the sea, Heidy and the bosses of other companies were present one after another. Actually, Heidy was not the kind of person who was keen on talking. Besides, she was a woman, so some of the bosses ignored her. It was a good thing for her that she could be alone for a while.

She had thought that she would meet Wilson, but it turned out that the person who represented the GR Group to attend the meeting was Nick. As she recalled what Hearst had said, she suddenly felt worried. Among the crowd, she found nothing but Hearst standing there, in a calm expression, surrounded by a lot of people.

On seeing this, Heidy smiled and murmured to herself, "It seems that my worry is not worth it." Heidy lowered her head and continued drinking.

Soon, the meeting began. Though Heidy didn't really want to know about the contents of the meeting, she listened carefully. Beside her, there sat Hearst. Glancing at his handsome profile, she was in a daze.

In fact, she had always thought that Hearst was a handsome man. He was the kind of man who was conspicuous in the crowd. Thinking that she had such a handsome husband, Heidy smiled unconsciously.

"Why are you smiling like an idiot? Are you thinking about a man?" Noah made fun of her.

Hearing his question, she came to her senses. Embarrassed, she said immediately, "No, I didn't."

"Then why is your face getting redder and redder?" Noah continued to make fun of her.

With a blush on h

full, Hearst paid the bill. When they walked out of the shop, it was sunny. S city was a different fresher place after raining. She liked the fresh air after the rainy days.

Holding an umbrella in his hand, Hearst walked with her side by side, just as when they came. There were few passers-by on the road. Heidy squinted as if she was enjoying the autumn breeze.

"Will you come back to visit your father this time?" Heidy asked casually.

With one of his hands in his pockets, he replied in a calm voice, "No, I won't. I am not close to my family."

It sounded familiar to her. She still remembered that they had said such words in the Xu family when they had met for the first time. Keeping her eyes on the front, Heidy said in a casual tone, "You still a member of the Tan family even if you are not close to them. I think he probably wants you back."

She was sure of this. Putting aside the fact that Hearst was his son, he was also the boss of a multinational company like J.Y Group. Once the J.Y Group and the GR Group merge, it would be a leading enterprise in the country.

"That's his business. From his indifference to that matter, I know that there is no love between him and me," said Hearst in a plain tone.

Putting her hands behind her back, Heidy looked at the scenery ahead and asked, "If, I have to do my best to take revenge, will you stop me? It's my turn to revenge for my father's death."

Also looking ahead, Hearst replied in a low voice, "No, I respect your decision, and I always do. Besides, I need to solve the problems with him."

His mother had been one of his most important relatives. And all the love in his childhood came from his mother. And after his mother's accident, he felt her sadness. Therefore, it wouldn't be easy for Hearst to let off Wilson.

Heidy turned her head and their eyes met. Putting on a sweet smile, she said, "Thank you. I feel relieved now. Even if my ability is limited, I will try my best."

"Okay," Hearst replied indifferently.

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