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   Chapter 135 Too Shy To Chase Her

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In the CEO's office of the Hua Group, Heidy was surprised by Warren's report. She just got the news that the JA Group had got a lot of help these days. But she was not really surprised about it. It was really unbelievable that Jacob even used his wife Abby as a bargaining chip for business seeking cooperation.

"Mr. Jacob even sold his wife for money. That's out of my expectation." I heard that Mr. Jacob offered the price to some long-term partners. As long as they were willing to provide money to help him get through the crisis, Abby would be able to sleep with them. And it turns out that there are lots of companies willing to help."

With her arms crossed before her chest, Heidy sneered, "Jacob is quite shameless as well. He even did such an evil thing. But Lora was shameless too. If she refused, she wouldn't have to obey Jacob's order. So she is a slut too."

"After this incident, Mr. Jacob is notorious. After all, he will take advantage of the body of his wife to gain benefits. I'm afraid it will become a stain in his life," said Warren.

Heidy snorted coldly and said, "As long as he can get the money, he won't bother about it so much."

Warren nodded and asked, "Boss, what should we do next?"

She tapped her fingertips on the table and squinted her eyes. With a smile on her face, she said, "You just said that the thing is almost done. Give him some help. Only in this way could he suffer a lot in the end."

Warren got her meaning and said respectfully, "Yes, boss. I know what to do."

After Warren left, Heidy leaned against the seat, and she was lost in thought. Glancing at the group photo on the table, she said to her father with a smile, "Dad, I will make him get the punishment he deserved soon. And Wilson, I will try my best too."

Her cell phone vibrated, pulling back her thoughts. Heidy lowered her head. She was in a daze for a moment when she saw the name on the screen. She stare

ith a smile.

However, he still looked the same. Hearst replied unconcernedly, "I don't care what he thinks. I just want to let her be happy." In his eyes, his beloved wife was more important than his biological father who was the murder of his wife's father.

Assistant Liu understood what he meant, smiled and said, "Our president really loves Mrs. Heidy."

After taking a glance at him, Hearst slowly said, "Assistant Liu, you're getting more and more talkative lately."

Seeing that he was not angry, assistant Liu smiled and said, "Boss, since you and Mrs. Heidy fell in love, you have changed a lot. You were as indifferent as an iceberg before. But now, although our president is still so cold, you will become warm because of Mrs. Heidy."

Hearing this, Hearst said in a low voice, "Because she is my true love."

Assistant Liu nodded and sincerely said, "I hope Mrs. Heidy could let go of her prejudices against the president as soon as possible. You two will be happy together." Assistant Liu bowed to him, turned around and left.

Hearst was sitting there quietly, staring at the table. In front of him, he imagined what Heidy was doing right now. He gently smiled. Even though it was just a fantasy, it also felt sweet. "Heidy, I hope you will like the gift next."

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