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   Chapter 134 Please Kneel Down

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Since the fact that Jack had failed to set up Heidy, the surviving condition of JA Group had been getting more and more difficult. While Jacob was very busy, bad news came one after another.

At the same time, Jacob was pacing restlessly back and forth in his room of the JA Group. According to the information he had just received, someone stole some business matters that were originally belonged to his group suddenly. The business deal was made in such a short time and caught Jacob off guard.

What was worse, some internal secret files had been leaked, while some of the secrets had been known by someone and gone viral. Therefore, many companies dared not to cooperate with Jacob's company.

When Allen came to the office, Jacob hurried forward and asked, "How is the thing going?"

"Boss, something happened in the construction site. We were found to have stolen the construction materials. Just now, the construction department has sealed off the construction site, and both the designers and the workers have been arrested," Allen lowered his head and said.

His words struck a chord in Jacob's heart. Her eyes widened with shock. He suddenly lost all his strength, as if being hit hard. "How could this happen... That's crazy! Our company has invested 200 million in this construction site. Now it's blocked. I don't have any hope."

"Boss, this is not the worst situation. Our company has a capital problem. Now he could only transfer three million working capital, the bank has just come to urge us to give back the money. Besides, you has already owed a million dollar, and the creditor asked you to give back the money too. In addition, we need to pay the ten million dollars for the deal we made two months ago. If we can't give the money to the other party in time, our company has to pay three times the liquidated damages..."

Allen didn't stop. Jacob felt a headache from his words. JA Group had owed a lot of money and if it failed to weather the crisis, Then JA Group would be over.

Clenching his fists tightly, Jacob kicked the table in front of him. "Damn it! I was so powerful back then, but I didn't expect that it was all about money," he screamed.

Hearing his words, Allen reminded him, "Boss, complaining about it couldn't help us. The most important thing is to find a solution. If we can't pay off the debt in this week, the bank might take the JA Group away, let alone reputation being destroyed."

Jacob didn't respond. After a short silence, he said quickly, "I'm going to ask someone for help. Over the years, I have a wide range of business connections, so I don't believe I have no way out." Thinking of this, Jacob picked up his mobile phone and directly walked outside.

However, when Jacob was ready to go out with confidence to raise money, he failed. Some of his so-called friends wouldn't even lend him ten thousand dollars. He had worked hard for the whole day, but he still couldn't find anyone to hel

beg you to help me get through the hardship for the sake of your relatives. I will remember your kindness."

Seeing him kneeling down, there was still no change in Hearst's facial expression. "Mr. Jacob, why did you do that? So many bosses of the companies I have bought kneel down in front of me. If I were soft hearted, the J.Y Group wouldn't have been so strong and powerful."

Jacob gave up his dignity and knelt down, but he never thought that Hearst would refuse to help. Thinking of this, a trace of hatred appeared in Jacob's eyes. "Are you really unwilling to help me? Your father and I are in business, and if my company is damaged, your father's business will also be affected."

Hearst put on a scornful smile and said, "His business has nothing to do with me. Mr. Jacob, you should beg your wife and brother-in-law, but not me. I'm not getting along well with them."

Of course, Jacob was clear about this. Otherwise, Hearst would not turn against them. He had thought about asking Abby and Nick for help, but Nick refused to help when he knew that his company was in trouble.

Seeing that he was not willing to help, Jacob stood up, and his face was full of anger. "Since you are not willing to help, I will not continue to ask you." Then he turned around.

When he was about to leave, Hearst said slowly, "I can give you a suggestion. Maybe it can help you get out of the current situation."

Seeing a glimmer of hope, Jacob asked happily, "What is it?"

Then, Hearst squinted and said, "I'm curious. Who is more important to you, your wife or your business? I remember that when one was in despair, he would use his wife to seek benefit for himself. Abby, nice looking."

Hearing this, Jacob was stunned for a few seconds and then realized. "You mean, you want me to use Lora..."

There was no answer. Hearst just smiled and said, "Whatever you want to do, it's your business. The specific choice is in your heart, which is more important."

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