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   Chapter 132 The Reality Made Me Grow Up And I Had No Choice

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In the Hua Group, Heidy sat in front of the desk with her arms crossed. She wrinkled her brows slightly and seemed to be thinking about something. After a while, Warren came in from the outside. "Boss, what can I do for you?"

Then she raised her head and looked at Warren, and calmly said, "Warren, I want you to arrange someone to investigate Jacob thoroughly. Did he do any shady business in the past few years?"

Staring at her in surprise, Warren asked in confusion, "Shady deal? Are you going to investigate the JA Group?"

With her eyes squinting slightly, Heidy shook her head, "For the time being, we investigate Jacob first, and his bank information. And you should investigate if there was a large amount of money involved in his bank account. And find out if there is any warehouse special designed by Jacob in the city."

She remembered that last time Hearst said that he had the evidence of Jacob's crimes in his hand. Now she wanted to follow this clue to see if she could give a heavy blow to Jacob.

On that day, Wilson also said that he had business relationship with Jacob. However, according to her investigation, Wilson didn't have JA Group's share. And so far, they didn't have any business with each other. From this point, it could be seen that the business between Wilson and Jacob should be under the table.

In this way, if she could find clues, she would be able to give them a fatal blow at the same time. Thus, she wanted to investigate them.

Getting her point, Warren nodded and said, "Yes, boss. I'll have someone investigate it soon. I'll try to find it as soon as possible. It's a bad time for Jacob and his company. If we could find out something, it would be much easy for us to destroy him."

Placing her hands on the table, she put on a smile and said, "Yes. It's more interesting to stir up trouble inside his company. Arrange a meeting for me. I need to see a person..."

After Warren left, Heidy sat on the chair. Looking at the ph

not only you have no place to stay in A city, but also your family will be involved."

Understanding what she meant, Allen nodded and said, "Yes, Mrs. Heidy. I won't do that. Since I have promised, I will do it well."

Standing up with satisfaction, Heidy nodded to greet her politely, "Thank you, Allen Wish us a pleasant cooperation." Then she turned around and walked out of the room.

As soon as they stepped out of the tea house, Heidy and Warren walked side by side. Warren smiled and said, "Boss, you have changed a lot. You are much better than when you just took over the company. It's more convenient for you to handle company's affairs."

Looking ahead, with a little bitterness on her lips, Heidy said faintly, "The reality makes me grow and I have no choice."

If she had a choice, she would rather live as simple as before. But it's a pity that she can't. What happened in the past can never be found. In this case, she could only force herself to move forward. No matter how many hardships the road ahead would be, she would not be able to escape.

Warren understood what she was thinking and felt sorry for her. "Boss, we need to attend a press conference now. It's about time," Warren reminded him.

Heidy nodded and calmly sat on the passenger seat. Warren got into the car and drove away.

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