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   Chapter 131 Can You Be More Shameless

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Heidy came back home with a heavy heart, but she could not enter for a long time. Looking at the house in front of her, she felt sad. She had thought that this was her future home. But now, she couldn't think so.

Clenching her fists, she calmed down and walked slowly. In the living room, Hearst was sitting there quietly, staring at her as if waiting for her to come back.

Instead of coming forward, Heidy just stood there stiffly and kept silent. They just stared at each other without saying anything.

It seemed that a century had passed. Finally, Heidy stepped forward and came to him. "Let's talk." She repressed her emotions in her hoarse voice.

"Okay," Hearst replied in a low voice, staring at her.

Staring at the handsome man, she recalled all that had happened when she met him. Although some unhappiness has happened to each other, happiness is always more than sadness. At the thought of the death of flower father, she finally opened her mouth. "I'm sorry, let's separate."

Thinking of that, he replied calmly, "No way."

Hearing his refusal, she looked at the man in front of her with tears in her eyes and said bitterly, "Hearst. I admit that I love you, but I still can't forgive you. You are not the murderer of my father, but the son of the murderer. So, I can't accept you."

He raised his hand and gently touched her face, and then said to her in a solemn voice, "Heidy, I'm not getting along well with my family. I don't want to lose you just because my family. Do you know that?"

Tears trickled down her cheeks, falling into his hands. Looking at him, Heidy smiled bitterly, "No matter what, you are his son."

Hearing her words, there was a flicker of pain in his eyes. I prefer not to a member of the Tan family." The Tan family brought him nothing but pain.

"No matter how much you dislike him, you can't change the result." Then she begged, "Please let me go, Hearst. Staying with you will only make me hate you more and hate myself more."

Since she had known what was going on between them, she couldn't deal with the relationship between them frankly. As long as she thought of the fact that he was the son of her enemy, she wished she could beat herself to death. Her beloved father died because of his father. She couldn't believe that she had fallen in love with his son.

Noticing the severe pain in her eyes, he pressed his lips and remained silent. He didn't want to say goodbye, neither did he want her to be sad. It was a tough choice to make a choice between them.

Seeing him rendered speechless, Heidy added, "We will break up temporarily, but we don't need to get divorced immediately. We will talk about the divorce after the baby is born and we have to use the blood from the umbilical cord to save Gavin. If you continue to stay with me, I can't guarantee you th

plied calmly, "Of course Heidy. I will deal with him later. If mother knows it's her daughter-in-law who avenge her, she will be very happy."

When Noah heard that, he said in disgust, "Can you be more shameless?"

Leaning against the chair, Hearst said slowly, "Having a smart and excellent wife is great. You don't understand this feeling."

The corners of Noah's mouth twitched, and he cast him a glance. "Then what if Heidy wants to hurt your father? I'm worried that your wife might get hurt," Noah said in an affirmative tone.

There was no expression on Hearst's face, and he said calmly, "I'll help her in secret. In these years, I've not only expanded the business influence of the J.Y Group, but also other forces. So that I can compete with him."

"He is your father," Noah smiled and said.

Hearst sipped a little and added, "He was accomplices as well." The scene of his mother's death came into his mind, and he squeezed his glass with more strength.

Knowing what he was thinking, Noah nodded and said with a snicker, "Well, you are right... Recently you have got used to sleeping with women. Will you feel lonely after she left? It's said that there have been several beautiful girls. Do you want to get one?"

There was no change in Hearst's facial expression. Then, Hearst said calmly, "I'm not interested. Keep it yourself."

"It's late at night. Hugging a girl is better than being alone in bed," Noah joked.

Looking at her, Hearst said slowly, "I prefer hugging you more than those women."

After he finished his words, Noah folded his arms across his chest and said seriously, "Do you fall in love with me? I don't like you."

Putting down his glass, Hearst stood up calmly with one hand in his pocket, "If you want to find a woman for me, I only want Heidy." Then, he left quietly.

Looking at his back, Noah murmured, "What an good man!"

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