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   Chapter 130 I'm Not So Open-Minded

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 10021

Updated: 2020-03-05 00:12

For the entire two days, Heidy shut her in the house and refused to meet anyone. But she knew that she couldn't be just painful. She still wanted to solve her problem with Hearst.

In Hearst's villa, Heidy packed her luggage expressionlessly. When Hearst heard the news, he immediately went home and ran towards her. Hearst caught hold of her wrist. Seeing her reaction, Hearst frowned and said, "Heidy, what are you doing?"

At the sight of him, she broke free from his hand. She picked up the divorce agreement from the bed and said coldly, "Sin it, and we will be strangers from now on."

Reading the terms on it, without uttering a single word, Hearst tore the agreement into pieces and threw it on the floor. "Divorce? No way!" said Hearst firmly.

Looking at the divorce agreement in shreds of paper, Heidy looked at him coldly. Staring at the man in front of her, she said firmly, "I will never fall in love with the murderer who killed my father. Hearst, you cannot divorce me, but I can find another man. It's ok if you want to be a cuckold."

Hearing her words, Hearst was pissed off. He pinched her shoulders hard and asked angrily, "How dare you?"

She raised her head to look at him with the same stubborn look on her face, and said word by word, "Yes." Heidy was a stubborn woman. Once she made up her mind, she would spare no expense.

They just stood there in a stalemate and neither of them spoke. The atmosphere was getting more and more intense. Heidy frowned and her eyes were filled with pain. It was not until then that Hearst came back to his senses. He released his hands and found that her shoulders were already red.

"I'm sorry," apologized Hearst. He could always control his emotions well before he met her. After I met her, she could easily affect his mood.

She snorted and said sarcastically, "I don't need your apology. It's too cheap."

Seeing that she was about to turn around to continue packing, Hearst stopped her again, "Heidy, I won't allow you to leave here."

Heidy smiled contemptuously, with strong hatred in her eyes. "Even if you can stop me for a while, you can't stop me for a lifetime. I hate you every time I think that you killed my father. You made me lose my closest person. I will never forgive you for the rest of my life. I hate you, all my life!"

Seeing the despair and hatred on her face, he looked grave. Remembering what Noah said, Hearst said in a low voice, "I didn't kill your father. His death has something to do with me, but it's not my fault."

Hearing this, Heidy squinted and looked at him in confusion, "What do you mean?"

"I didn't want to explain it so clearly, but now..." Looking into her eyes, he said calmly. "Your father's death really has something to do with our family, but not me. Your father begged me to save the Hua Group, but I didn't. That's my fault. Actually, it was Jacob and my father. They killed your father."

She looked at him in shock. With astonishment written all over her fac

st. He is my son. Do you want to be with the son of your father's murderer?" Wilson said with a cold smile.

Clenching her teeth, Heidy was speechless. Right. It was an unchangeable fact that Hearst was Wilson's son. "It's none of your business. I swear, I will kill you and Jacob, for my father's sake," said Heidy, gritting her teeth.

Wilson gave a sarcastic smile and said with disdain, "Even though you are the chairman of the Hua Group in A city, I will never care about what you have said. Want to kill me? Only in your dreams!"

With a snort of contempt, she said coldly, "How can you know if I don't give it a try? I would certainly take revenge at all costs." Saying that, Heidy turned around without looking back.

Watching her leave, Wilson said with contempt, "You're biting off more than you can chew. You and your father will have the same end."

As soon as she walked out of the mansion, she felt a pang of pain in the chest. On the way back, she looked out of the window, tears rolling down her face. At this moment, what she said was totally useless. She knew how father died and who killed him, but she could not arrest them.

The amiable look of her father surfaced in her mind, and tears welled up in her eyes. She was very clear that no matter how difficult the revenge would be, she would definitely work hard. Giving up had never been her belief.

However, when it came to her father, she couldn't help but think of Hearst. Although this had nothing to do with him, his identity would not be changed. With her hands on her lower abdomen, she kept struggling painfully in her heart.

Heidy understood that she still loved Hearst. She had hated him these two days, but she had never forgotten him. But now, she couldn't let herself be selfish and continue to love him. She wanted to love him, but she couldn't. They loved each other but could not be together.

She closed her eyes slowly and cried silently. Her fingertips turned white and her heart was numb.

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