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   Chapter 129 No Way

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With grief written all over her face, she stared at him. When she heard the answer, she was desperate. It took her a long time to fall in love with someone who turned out to be her enemy. At the thought of this, she felt as if her chest was chopped by a knife.

"Why do you keep it from me all the time? Do you take me for a fool? " Heidy said angrily.

Hearst pressed his lips together and turned to look at Her. Hearst was silent for a moment and said, "I know what the consequences will be."

At this moment, she finally understood that since she talked with Hearst about the man in S City, there had been no progress. It seemed that Hearst was doing something behind her back. Thinking of this, Heidy questioned, "So your Tan family not only turned against the Hua Group, but only has something to do with my father's death?"

"Yes." There was a grave expression on Hearst's face.

Hearing him admit it in person, Heidy walked to him and grabbed him at his collar. She said sadly, "Why? Why did you do that! Why did you kill my father?"

Looking at her grief stricken face, Hearst said in a hoarse voice, "I'm sorry."

Patting him hard on the chest, she released the painful mood constantly, "Do you think an apology can solve the problem? Don't you know that he is my father and my closest person in the world! Why? Why do you have to kill him?"

Hearst reached out his hand to touch her face, but he knew very well that every move of him at the moment would only make her hate him more. "At that time, I shouldn't have loved you," said Hearst heavily.

Before he could finish, Heidy raised her hand and slapped on his the face. With her shoulders trembling, Heidy said in a choked voice, "Can you put others' lives at risk if you don't love me? Hearst, does other's lives mean anything to you?"

The pain on his face was nothing compared to the pain in his heart. Seeing her so desperate, he gripped his fists tightly and apologized, "I'm sorry."

It was the same three words. Hearing the familiar voice, Heidy sneered. She backed away step by step, and looked at him with hatred, "Sorry? Will my father come back to life? I hate you, and I hate myself more! From now on, I will never listen to your sweet words anymore."

Then she turned around and ran away furiously. Seeing her tears running down, Hearst closed his eyes slowly and didn't move. He had been trying to hide the truth, but it turned out that it was out of his control.

He turned around and returned to his office table. Much to his surprise, the chatting window was already closed, and his phone beeped. He picked up the phone and pressed the answer key. "Why don't you make it clear? It's not you who caused her father's death," Noah said.

Hearst looked ahead and said in a heavy tone, "If I had agreed to his request at that time, nothing would have happened to him. I am partly responsible for his death."

After listening

up and went to the window, intending to close it. When she saw a figure downstairs, anger rose in her eyes. She immediately turned around and went downstairs.

She rushed to Hearst and said angrily, "Hearst, what are you doing here? Get out! You are not welcome here."

Looking at her, Hearst said in a low voice, "How's she doing?"

"How is it she doing? She is almost dead right now. Are you satisfied with it?" Jessica said sarcastically. "You look like a real man, but in fact, you are so disgusting inside. I must have been blind to believe you two are a perfect match. Get out of here right now!"

Seeing how angry she was, Hearst knew it was not a good time to talk about it. With his fists clenched, he said in a hoarse voice, "I want to see her."

Pointing at him, Jessica said angrily, "You want to see her? Let's see if you can survive or not." Before she finished speaking, Jessica rushed to him.

Seeing that she was about to slap him in the face, he immediately clamped her legs. Seeing this, Julie immediately raised her hand and put it on Hearst's shoulder. With a muffled grunt, Hearst hit her on the elbow.

Neither of them was willing to give in. After more than ten rounds, Jessica supported her knees with her hands and said with difficulty, "Hearst, you are good. However, even if you defeat me, Heidy won't meet you. If you really care about her, you'd better disappear from her world."

With his eyes fixated on her room upstairs, Hearst said in a deep voice, "I won't let her go since she officially walked into my life. I won't give up, either."

"Heidy has a good relationship with her father. Do you think she will forgive you?" said Jessica coldly.

After a moment of silence, he said firmly, "I'll try my best to make it up to her. But it's impossible for me to let her go."

Once they met, they were destined to be with each other. As for Hearst, he still loved her from the bottom from his heart.

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