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   Chapter 127 Jack's trick

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At night, in the ward, Sherry was lying on the bed. A nurse came in and gave her the pills. When Sherry took the pill and ate it, the nurse looked at her curiously. "Mrs. Sherry, why isn't Mr. Jack with you here?"

Putting down the cup, Sherry said calmly, "My husband is busy with his work."

The nurse nodded with understanding and said, "Mrs. Sherry, you'd better pay more attention to Mr. Jack. My brother-in-law was the same. He said he was busy when my sister was pregnant. But she found out that he was having an affair. My sister was very angry with him at that time."

Hearing that, Sherry frowned and showed a worried expression on her face. Watching her expression change, the nurse turned around and left.

With her eyes narrowed, Sherry was a little worried. She murmured, "is Jack really going to date a woman? If he dares fool around with another woman behind my back, I won't spare him."

When she was thinking, her cell phone suddenly rang. She picked up the phone and saw it was a stranger. She pressed the answer key and said, "Hello."

A strange woman's voice came from the other side of the line. "Are you Sherry? I'm Jack's girlfriend. I call you today to ask you to leave Jack. Jack said he loved me most and would marry me. So if you have a clear estimation of yourself, leave obediently. Don't wait for Jack to kick you out."

Before she could finish, Sherry said angrily, "Bitch, what nonsense are you talking about. I'm Jack's wife. He loves me, not you."

With a scornful smile, the woman responded in a flirtatious manner, "It that so? If Jack really loves you, he won't be with me when you are in hospital. I'm telling you, Jack and I are in the club now and you don't want to know what we are doing right now. At night, Jack will sleep in the same bed with me, while you, ha ha..."

After hearing her words, she cursed in rage, "Damn it!"

"Sherry, get out of my way before Jack chase you away. I have to hang up. Jack is still waiting for me to play games." After saying that, the woman hung up the phone.

With her eyes wide open, Sherry threw her cell phone on the bed heavily. Thinking of what the nurse had just said, Sherry said with a dark face, "Jack, how dare you cheat on me and play with women?" She angrily uncovered the quilt and picked up the phone. Then she dragged her weak body out.

When she got to the club, she rushed in directly. She came to the bar counter, suppressed her anger and asked, "Is Jack from the JA Group here?"

The receptionist nodded her head with smile and pointed to a direction, saying, "Mr. Jack is in VIP room A."

Before the waiter finished her words, Sherry walked forward in a huff. Thinking of what Jack was doing, Sherry turned pale. Arriving at the room, Sherry kicked the door open without saying anything. When she saw the scene in the room, she could only feel a surge of b

orted by all the major media in A city. Meanwhile, Hearst and Heidy filed a lawsuit against Jack and Sherry for slander.

Since the two incidents were mixed together, the police attached great importance to it. For a moment, Jack became a heartless scum.

In the afternoon, in the Xu family's villa. Jacob gave Jack a slap. His face darkened with anger. "I can't believe that you were the one who committed Jimmy's car accident. How cruel you are!" Jacob said angrily, widening his eyes.

Jack knelt on the ground and pleaded, "Father, I know I was wrong. I was so possessed at that time that I lost my mind. Dad, I know I was wrong. Please help me. I don't want to go to jail."

Jacob directly kicked him away. Jacob pointed at him and said bitterly, "I will not sue you, which is the greatest mercy for you. Get out of the Xu family, and never come in again."

Abby hurriedly walked up to him, grabbed Jacob's hand and said hurriedly, "Jacob, don't do that. Jimmy is paralyzed. If you kick Jack out of the house as well, there will be no hope for our Xu family."

Jacob pushed her away rudely, and said coldly, "This thing has been messed up, and the JA Group has been made fun of by everyone. Almost all companies have disowned us. Jack is an unfilial son. JA Group was almost destroyed. Hope? What else do you expect him to do?"

Abby looked at Jack with a pale face, tears rolling down her face. "Jacob, please don't throw him away. He's my only son."

"It's your son who made Jimmy disabled. I'm very kind not to drive you away. If you dare to say one more word, I will get you out of here as well," said Jacob ruthlessly.

Upon hearing this, Abby sank to the ground. Then the servant took Jack out. Then the servant took his luggage out of the villa.

Standing at the door and looking at the closed door, Jack's hands fell feebly to his side. He didn't expect that he would end up like this.

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