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   Chapter 119 Meeting His Father For The First Time

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9997

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On the weekend, in the villa, Hearst looked at the man opposite expressionlessly. The man put his hands before him respectfully, looked at Hearst with a smile.

"Mr. Hearst, your father hopes you can go back home in Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow." the Butler said politely.

With an icy expression on his face, Hearst refused bluntly, "No."

After listening to his words, the Butler still looked at him kindly and said slowly, "Mr. Hearst, you and your father are a family after all, how can you hold a grudge against each other. Besides, your father heard that you have been married and it is a good idea to have a family reunion. It's a good chance to introduce Mrs. Heidy to your father. What do you think? "

With an icy expression on his face, Hearst said coldly, "She doesn't need to see him."

The Butler seemed to have foreseen that. He said with a smile on his face, "But the bride hasn't seen her father-in-law. I'm afraid that people would misunderstand and gossip. People who don't know the truth might think that you don't want Mrs. Heidy to meet your family."

Hearing what he said, Hearst looked a little serious. He didn't respond immediately. Indeed, he didn't want Heidy to meet his father. After a short silence, Hearst said coldly, "I'll think about it. You can go back first."

As he insisted, the Butler bowed to him and turned around with a smile. The Butler nodded to Heidy politely who was standing beside the staircase and left the villa.

Walking down the stairs, Heidy came over to him. Seeing his serious face, she sat down next to him and asked with a smile, "Is the man just now your father's Butler?"

Hearst nodded, and then he put her on his laps. Apparently, she was used to such intimate actions. "Why don't you sleep a little longer?" said Hearst in a hoarse voice.

"I'm not that sleepy these days. After all, it's more than two months, and I'm pregnant, with less morning sickness," With a faint smile, Heidy explained. "Did your family ask you to go home in the Mid-Autumn Festival?"

She just woke up and heard what they were talking about. She could tell from their conversation that the relationship between Hearst and his father was not so good.

Hearst raised her hand, brushed back his bangs, and said to him calmly, "Yes, we haven't had a family reunion since my mom passed away."

With her hands around his neck, she leaned her body backwards slightly and said, "Because I've been living with my father all the time. Every time there were some festivals, we were together. No matter how busy my father was, he would always go back home to spend the festival with me. Although I don't have a mother, my father's love for me is enough."

Looking into her eyes, Hearst knew that her father loved her so much. But the deeper their relationship was, the more worried he was. It was difficult to hide something for a little longer.

"I'll celebrate the Festival with you," said Hearst, touching her face gently.



Following the direction of the voice, they saw a gorgeously dressed woman, with her legs crossed, sitting on a sofa and her eyes full of disdain at Heidy. Heidy remembered that she was Hearst's third sister, Edith.

Then, Hearst looked back at her, and said to him coldly, "She's better than you. Did your husband abandoned you after you married him?"

Edith suddenly stood up and glared at him angrily. "You!"

Seeing the tension between them, Wilson said majestically, "Shut up. It's Mid-Autumn Festival today. Can't you just shut up for once?"

Edith sat down again. In the meantime, she said unhappily, "Dad, it's not my fault this time. He's the one who keeps poking at my wound."

Wilson gave her a warning look and said, "There are outsiders here today. Don't let others laugh at us."

Hearing this, Heidy frowned and bit her lips. She knew Wilson was talking about her. Obviously, Wilson did not want her to become his daughter-in-law. Heidy could understand it and didn't show any grief on her face and still kept polite smile.

Just then, Hearst's phone vibrated. Looking through the screen, he talked to Heidy in a low voice, "I have something to deal with. I'll be back soon." Then, he patted her on the head.

The eyebrows of Heidy were curved as she replied with a smile, "Well, go ahead. I will wait for you here." The atmosphere in the room was somewhat depressing, and she didn't want to stay there subconsciously.

Hearst walked into the yard, while Heidy still sat there. When she was thinking about how to relieve her embarrassment, Wilson suddenly said, "Miss Heidy, I want to talk with you alone, is it okay?"

Looking at his indifference, Heidy was a little nervous, but she still smiled, "Okay, okay."

Wilson nodded and then stood up and went upstairs to the study. Seeing this, Heidy stood up and followed him. Though she didn't know what he wanted to do, she wouldn't flinch. Thinking of this, she raised her chest and walked forward.

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