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   Chapter 118 A Business Marriage

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Standing not far away, Heidy watched Jessica and Noah fight with the bad young men so dexterously. Since she hadn't learned any martial arts and she was pregnant, Heidy certainly wouldn't step forward foolishly.

Ten minutes later, Jessica stepped on the chest of the bad young man in the front, and said arrogantly, "Fuck off! Otherwise, I'll teach you a lesson."

The young man had been beaten black and blue. He looked at Jessica with fear and said nervously, "Yes, let's get out of here..."

Hearing this, Jessica let go of him and kicked him with great force. "Remember to make a detour when you see me, or..."

Before she could finish her threatening, the young man had already run away. Immediately, the other gangsters ran away with fear. Seeing this, Jessica clapped her hands and said with satisfaction, "It feels great to do some exercise."

Standing beside her, Heidy smiled, "Jessica, you still got it."

"You are good," Noah joked.

Looking at him, Jessica slapped on his arm and said with a bright smile, "Wow, you are so good at fighting. It seems that not all the gigolos are weak."

After being hit by her, Noah covered her arm in pain. "Hey! Can't you be more gentle? I was punched here by someone just now. Yes, I'm handsome. I'm not a toy boy."

She grabbed his hand and saw a large bruise on his elbow. Seeing this, Jessica said, "You are so fragile. You were hurt by a fist. Since you just helped us, I will manage to get you some medicine."

"You two wait here. I'm going to buy the medicine for bruises." Then Heidy turned around and went to the pharmacy.

Jessica turned around, bent down and picked up those shopping bags. Then she walked to a bench and sat down. Looking at her figure, Noah asked curiously, "You are good at fighting. Did you exercise when you were a child?"

After she moved her joints on her chair, she smilingly replied, "Of course, I have the black belt of Taekwondo. So don't provoke me, or else don't blame me if you become a cripple."

Sitting leisurely beside her, Noah said to her jokingly, "Did beat up your boyfriend? And that was the reason why he broke up with you?"

Before Noah finished his words, Jessica slapped him hard on his thigh. And he shouted reflexively. Jessica raised her chin slightly and said proudly, "Next time if you talk nonsense again, I will not only hit your thighs."

Pointing at her, Noah said in pain, "What a strong hand! A good man doesn't fight with you."

"You can't beat me," Jessica muttered.

Heidy bought the bruise medicine. After that, Jessica took it and applied medicine on his wound. "Be gentle," said Noah, noticing her great strength.

Jessica rolled her eyes at him and said in disgust, "You got so much trouble." Although she was complaining, Jessica did it as gently as she could.

Standing there, Heidy listened to their conversation with a smi

in confusion, "Who?"

"My father." Speaking of which, he was a little unfamiliar with this name.

Looking at his expression, Heidy acutely felt that he was a little resistant to the way he addressed his father. Thinking of this, she was filled with curiosity. She wanted to ask him, but she controlled herself. She could feel that Hearst didn't want to talk about his father.

Putting her hands around his neck, she said to him, "Though we are not commercial alliance, I have Hua Group. I think I deserve to be with you."

Then, she put her legs on his thighs. Hearst touched her nose and said with a light smile, "Even if you don't have the Hua Group, I will still have a crush on you and won't care about who you are."

"I'm so lucky. Marrying you is better than marrying someone else and will let the Hua Group develop better," Heidy teased.

The influence on the Hua Group had begun to appear after their marriage. Now the Hua Group was the second largest company in A city, squeezing out the JA Group. And this should be a relief to Heidy's father.

With a smile on his face, Hearst looked at her and said, "Kiss me as a reward."

Heidy raised her head and left a light kiss on his lips. Then she giggled, "I have a good deal. The only point now is to find the evidence and let Jacob imprison for his whole life. He was really an old fox. Only with the project accident happened at that time, he couldn't get the punishment he deserved. I thought we could find some clues in my father's accident, but I failed."

Hearing her words, there was something flashed through Hearst's eyes. He said in a low voice, "Maybe father-in-law's death was just an accident. There is nothing worth investigating."

"That's impossible. My instinct tells me that father's death is not an accident. I will find out the truth," said Heidy seriously and firmly.

Hearst was silent, but he held her hand more tightly.

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