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   Chapter 114 Mix Feelings

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In Heart's villa, Heidy lay in bed obediently. Since she came back from the hospital, she had a good rest at home. She wouldn't take any risk. It was not only her obligation to give birth to the baby, but also her inner thoughts.

Lying on her side and looking at the empty seat next to her, she lowered her eyes slowly. She still thought about that thing and couldn't forgive Hearst. On the other hand, Hearst didn't sleep in separate rooms, but he was also afraid that Heidy would be angry when she saw him and would hurt the fetus. Therefore, Hearst didn't go back to her bedroom until late at night every night.

She put her hands on the pillow where Hearst was sleeping, and her eyelashes trembled. In fact, after getting along with him for these days, she had been accustomed to his scent and temperature. Without him around, she couldn't sleep well.

However, as long as she thought of that accident, Heidy kept reminding herself that she should never forgive him. Otherwise, she would consider yourself to be an unfilial daughter. Thinking of this, she felt both complicated and painful.

"Don't think too much. Go to sleep." Patting her face, she reminded herself repeatedly. Then she closed her eyes and tried to force herself to fall asleep.

In the early morning, Heidy suddenly woke up from her dream. She felt a little hungry. She turned on the light and went downstairs. When she just reached the gate, she bumped into Hearst. "What's wrong? Are you sick?" Hearst asked with concern.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Heidy answered honestly, "Yes, I am hungry. I want to find something to eat."

"The servant is asleep at this time. What would you like to eat? I'll cook for you," said Hearst in a calm tone.

She looked at him in surprise and said, "You will do it?"

Seeing that she obviously didn't believe him, he said with a light smile, "Of course, wait here, I'll make noodles for you." Then, he turned around and went downstairs to the kitchen.

She stood still and watched him leaving. It took her a while to come to her senses. She was so hungry that she didn't want to wait in her room, so she went downstairs with him.

Outside the kitchen, she saw the slender figure standing there, cooking noodles deftly. She always thought that as rich and powerful as Hearst, he couldn't cook. Actually, Jack couldn't cook. At the thought of this, her eyes shone brightly.

After a while, a burst of fragrance floated out of the kitchen. Then, Hearst came out of the kitchen with a large bowl of noodles in his hands. Then he turned around and looked at Heidy who was standing there in a daze. He walked up to her and held her hand. They came to the dining room and Hearst seated her in the chair.

"Have a taste," said Hearst in a low voice.

She was hungry, but she felt even more hungry with the good smell of food. Without saying anything, she picked up the chopsticks and started to eat.

Then Hearst sat opposite to her. Seeing that she was enjoying her food, Hearst asked with a smile, "Not bad,

threatens your own child?"

Heidy frowned and said, "My father had never harmed Gavin."

"Please try to put yourself in Hearst's shoes. Only few people knew who Hearst was and Gavin was still under his protection. Even his family only knew that he has a child named Gavin, but they had never seen him before. In such a case, someone was able to investigate Gavin's information. What would you think if you were him?" Noah asked directly.

Heidy didn't say anything. If she were him, she would have doubted the man's ulterior motives. "But we can't jump to conclusion only by doubts," said Heidy seriously.

After a pause, Noah continued, "At that time, your father proposed to see Gavin. As for Hearst, he didn't want to get himself involved in this matter anymore. But apparently, your father didn't think so. Otherwise, he would not ask to see him. On that day, the accident happened to Gavin. Don't you think Hearst need not do anything to remind your father?"

Hearing that, Heidy was speechless. These days, she had rationally thought that there was a reason why Hearst would do that. In the past, he didn't love her, let alone caring about her father. Hearing that, Heidy could not help but reconsider the question.

When she was in silence, Noah said in a low voice, "Since his mother died, Gavin has been the most intimate person to him in the world. He wants to protect Gavin. He wants him to grow up. Hearst thought that your father was intended to hurt Gavin and so he just tried to protect him. So he gave the Hua Group a little punishment at that time."

Heidy frowned, saying nothing. Noah stood up and said calmly, "Bystanders see most clearly. You're all right, but you can't only care about yourself in this case..."

At the same time, Noah's cell phone vibrated. He took out the phone and pressed the answer button. "Hello. What? Something happened to Hearst?"

Hearing this, she took a deep breath with her eyes wide opened. Seeing him hang up the phone, Heidy asked anxiously, "What's wrong with him?"

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