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   Chapter 110 You Are Not A Virgin

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Ever since Jessica was cheated on, she became angry for a short time and then recovered from the pain. When her parents heard about it, they were very angry and thought that Bill was a shameless man. So they set up several men for Jessica. Unable to change their mind, Jessica had to say yes. She felt a little depressed about her first blind date, so she asked Heidy to accompany her.

At an upscale French restaurant, Jessica and Heidy were waiting. Turning her head to one side, Heidy couldn't help saying, "Is it a good idea that I accompany you on a blind date?"

After hearing her, Jessica put her arms around her shoulders and smiled, "Yes. You are so beautiful. If he likes you, I can naturally refuse him. And it will not hurt my parents feelings and that I can have more time to relax."

Hearing her answer, the corners of Heidy's mouth twitched. She smiled in embarrassment. She once again sighed that how peculiar her mind was. After a few minutes, a man in a black suit and glasses who looked refined showed up.

The man came in front of them and asked with a smile, "Excuse me, are you Miss Jessica? I'm here for a blind date. My name is Andrew."

When Jessica saw that he was so polite, she smiled and said, "Please have a seat, Mr. Andrew. My name is Jessica. My mom told me that you are a senior teacher. You are awesome to be a senior teacher at such a young age."

The gentleman smiled and said, "Yes, I've been engaged in the education industry for five years, and I'm very happy to have such achievements. Miss Jessica, you're so beautiful."

With one hand supporting her head, Jessica teased, "Which one do you think is more beautiful, my friend or me?"

The gentleman turned to Heidy and answered honestly, "Well, your friend is pretty. But you are my date today. So to me, Miss Jessica is more beautiful."

This answer satisfied Jessica. She began to order and chat with him casually. While chatting, Jessica felt that this man was gentle, polite and knowledgeable. Jessica thought it would be nice if she could meet a nice man. So she started a conversation with him enthusiastically.

Keeping her head down, Heidy listened to their conversation with a smile on her face. Feeling that the atmosphere between them was getting better and better, Heidy thought that today's blind date might be a success. Suddenly, Andrew asked, "Miss Jessica, may I ask you a question?"

Jessica shook her hand and replied with a smile, "Of course. Go ahead."

Andrew supported his glasses with his hands and asked, "Miss Jessica, are you a virgin?"

"What?" Choked by what he said, Heidy looked at him in astonishment. Jessica was shocked too. She looked at the cultivated man with an astounded look on her face. Her mouth was open widely.

Seeing their reaction, Andrew explained with a smile, "Well, it's my thing. I hope my dat

ily. How about this, Mrs. Abby?"

Abby scowled at her and furiously raised her hand, trying to give her a lesson. At the sight of this, Heidy gripped her wrist. "Heidy, don't think I can't handle you," said Abby angrily.

Reminded kindly, Heidy continued, "Mrs. Abby, take it easy. I'm Hearst's wife. I'm pregnant with his child. If something happens to me, you and your family will die with me. By the way, I'm the master of the Hua family. If you dare to lay a finger on me, I'm sure you will regret it."

As she spoke, Heidy threw Abby's wrist away and she stumbled backward. Jack held her arm and glared at Heidy angrily, "Heidy, how could you treat my mother like this?"

Heidy clapped her hands and looked at him casually. Then, she said slowly, "Humph. She is your mother, not mine. Jack, don't forget that I have something on you. If I am in a bad mood one day, I can make that public."

Jack stared at her with his eyes wide opened angrily. He almost forgot it without her reminding. Satisfied to see his nervous expression, Heidy turned around with a smile and left with Jessica.

In front of the Ferrari sports car, Heidy was particularly happy. "I feel much better when I think of the way they looked at you. They look like they want to kill you but can do nothing to you," said Jessica directly.

Leaning against the car, Heidy said coldly, "I don't want to hurt them. They started the fight first. I have turned against the Xu family. As long as I find the conclusive evidence, I will personally send Jacob to prison, keeping him in that cage forever."

Jessica patted her on the shoulder and encouraged, "I believe you can avenge uncle."

"Now I only hope that he will not be involved in that matter," Heidy looked away and said calmly.

Looking at her doubtfully, Jessica asked curiously, "Who is it?"

After a moment's silence, Heidy answered word by word, "Hearst."

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