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   Chapter 107 A Hot Topic

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Noah was shocked to see the girl in front of him, who had a strong smell of alcohol. He frowned. Looking at her expression, Noah still said bravely, "I say, you are a very bold woman..."

Before Noah could finish his words, Jessica directly punched him in the nose. In pain, Noah covered his nose with his hands and shouted in surprise, "Crazy woman, you slapped me?"

Looking at his angry face, Jessica shook her fists and replied, "I'm never kidding." Before she finished her words, Jessica rushed to him again.

Due to her carelessness, Noah was well prepared at that time. Seeing her fist was about to hit towards him, he immediately grabbed her wrist. With a sudden force, Jessica bent her body immediately in order not to break her wrist.

Then, Jessica reached out to his crotch and Noah was immediately bent to prepare himself. Seeing that, Jessica quickly swung her fist to his left shoulder.

Seeing the chaotic situation in front of her, Heidy wanted to stop her, but she was worried that she would get herself into trouble. She could only stand by and wait for the flames to go out.

Noah had good fighting skills, and was about the same level as Jessica. Jessica had learned taekwondo from childhood and was flexible. And she was in a fit of pique, so she showed no mercy with all her moves. However, in order not to hurt her, Noah didn't use his best skills. The people in the bar all retreated, leaving them alone.

After a long time, Noah stopped first and shouted, "I won't fight anymore. If you hurt my face, it will cost you a lot."

Jessica felt better after the fight. Hands on hips, Jessica said with eyes widely opened, "Humph. If you dare to say I'm shrewish again, I will definitely fight with you to the end."

Waving his wrists, Noah squinted his eyes and said with a smile, "Okay, let's have a fight sometime. Now that you broke up with your boyfriend, I will forgive you. But you are hot enough. I like it."

When Jessica was about to rush forward, Heidy hurriedly stopped her and comforted her, "Well, it's late. Let me send you back first."

Thinking that Noah was a friend of Hearst, Jessica finally withdrew her hand. Although she had drunk a lot, she was still sober. She didn't want her bad mood to affect the relationship between Heidy and Hearst. Jessica nodded her head and left with Heidy.

Noah looked at Jessica, with an interested expression on his face. It was the first time in his life that he had met a woman who was so skilled and dared to slap him. "Noah, I've met her before. She is Jessica, her father own an education company. I heard from my brother that she is forthright in character and is good at fighting. Do you need me to find some people to teach her a lesson?" a friend of Noah suggested with a smile.

"No, thanks. I can handle it myself. I suddenly remembered something. You can have fun. I have something

en a woman is pregnant, men easily cheat on their wives. After all, it is hard for the wives to satisfy their needs," said Heidy softly.

Hearing that, Hearst laughed and said slowly, "Honey, you don't have to worry about that. I'm good at it."

"What?" Heidy raised her head and looked at him with confusion in her bright eyes.

He touched her nose and said with a smile, "Well, just as I said before, Noah thought that I didn't need any physiological need because I treated everyone with indifference. I have always kept my nose clean before I met you."

She looked at him in surprise and blurted out, "Then do you have any tips?" Although she didn't want to admit it, he was indeed skillful at bed.

Hearst smiled and pecked on her lips. Then he teased, "I'm like a self-taught genius when I met you. During your pregnancy, we can do something simple. When you give birth to the babies, I can pleasure you with new postures."

Hearing what he said, she blushed. Fortunately, it was at night and it could be easily concealed. Unwilling to continue the conversation, Heidy changed the subject and said, "I seem to hear you talk little about your father, Hearst. Your mother died, and your father is still alive, isn't he?"

Something flashed through her eyes when they talked about his father. Her hand on her waist was unconsciously crooked. He squinted. A cold light flashed through his eyes. But he quickly adjusted his mood.

"Yes, he is," said Hearst coldly.

Not noticing his unusual behavior, she asked casually, "How did your mom die? You told me that she and Abby was not biological sisters. At your age, your mom should be very young, is she die in an accident?"

Not knowing whether it was her illusion or not, when she said it, she obviously felt that the air around her had become oppressive. His mind was hard to be read in the dark. "It's not an accident," said Hearst in a low, calm voice.

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