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   Chapter 106 Having An Affair

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It was weekend today, but Heidy did not stay at home to have a good rest for the sake of her baby. On the other hand, she was heading to another city with Jessica.

After the plane landed, they sat in the car and went to the way to Jessica's boyfriend's home. Looking at the woman beside her, Heidy teased, "If you want to give him a surprise, why do you drag me here. You haven't seen him for months. Why do I have to get in the middle of your relationship?"

Upon hearing her words, Jessica replied unconcernedly, "I miss him, but I can't show it so obviously. Otherwise, he might think that I am not reserved."

Hearing her reason, Heidy teased, "And you are not that kind of girl. Otherwise, you wouldn't have chased after him back then. But even so, if it were not you, no one would be able to win Bill's heart."

Jessica's boyfriend was their schoolmate in the senior high school, two years older than them. He was popular during the school period. A silent man, with good character and excellent grades, was the dream of many girls at that time. And Jessica was one of his secret admirers. Then with the encouragement of her roommates, she actively pursued him. The persistent effort finally made Bill touched. They had been together for many years.

With a smug smile on her face, Jessica responded, "Yes, I think so. Many people admired me at that time."

Then they came to Bill's apartment. After graduation, Bill was one of the senior leaders in a foreign trade company. He had been transferred to F City after working in A city for two years. Since then, she had a long-distance relationship with Bill. She visited him almost every half a year, and Bill only went to her place once in a few months.

Jessica could totally understand that. It was common for young people to strive for their career first. If he didn't have a career, how could he provide his family? Hence, Jessica had never had a problem with that.

Jessica took out the key from her bag, opened the apartment's door and walked in cautiously. "Hush. Bill should be sleeping now. Let's not wake him up and give him a big surprise."

Nodding her head, Heidy walked quietly beside her. When they came to the bedroom, the door was not completely closed. When Jessica was about to push the door in, a familiar voice came from inside. "Bill, when on earth will you break up with Jessica? I don't want to be sneaky like this anymore. I want to be with you openly."

Hearing the voice, both of them opened their eyes wide. Shock was written all over their faces. They were very familiar with the voice, it was their high school roommate, Lucy. But why was she here? And what she said...

When Jessica was about to push the door open and rush in, she was directly stopped by Heidy. Heidy shook her head at her, indicating her to go on listening. There was a trace of anger on Jessica's face, but she was trying hard to hold it back.

A low voice came from the room. "Yes,

adness, Heidy could only comfort her in silence. Heidy just didn't expect that Bill would have an affair. "Forget him. Let's start over." How pity we are. I was hurt by Jack and he had an affair before. I didn't expect that you would also suffer this."

"Yes, it's hard." With one hand on her shoulder, Jessica sighed, "Let's not talk about those unhappy things. Let's drink. I'm going to get drunk today. If you are pregnant, you can let me drink it. And when I get drunk, you can carry me home."

After saying that, Jessica kept drinking. She wanted to have a good drink today and no one could stop her. After today, she was still that outgoing and cheerful woman. With that thought, Jessica raised her head and repeatedly gulped the wine.

Heidy quietly accompanied her, feeling sorry for her. No one knew Jessica's feelings better than she did. It was useless to comfort her. Thinking of this, Heidy went silent and stayed beside her.

Noah happened to drink with his friend here, and he glanced at them casually and saw Heidy sitting there. Confused, Noah walked up to her and said with a smile, "Heidy, why are you here? Does your husband allow you to go here?"

With a slight smile on her face, Heidy looked up at him and said, "I'm with my friend, Jessica."

After hearing that, Noah turned to look at Jessica. Surprised, he looked at her and said, "Oh, it's you. I remember you are a hot tempered girl."

Without saying anything, Jessica kept drinking. Upon seeing that, Noah noticed that there was something wrong with her. As he bent down, he teased, "Are you breaking up with your boyfriend?"

Hearing that, Jessica raised her head and stared at him without saying anything. Looking at her expression, Noah said jokingly, "It seems that I was right. Did he cheat on you? Indeed, few men will be able to handle a hot girl like you."

Before he finished his words, Jessica stood up angrily, grabbed him by the collar and said, "Bastard, say it again!"

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