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   Chapter 105 Teach Her To Be A Good Wife

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 10294

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Three days had passed since the anniversary party. Rumors were spreading that the relationship between the J.Y Group and the JA Group in A city had become stiff. As J.Y Group was the leading company in A city, many companies tried to keep a distance from JA Group in order not to have a good relationship with J.Y Group.

Although it seemed to be a trivial thing, it had a great influence on the business of the JA Group. In order to minimize the impact, Xu family must do something. Finally, they found a proper name.

In the villa, Heidy and Hearst were sitting on the sofa and doing their own things leisurely. The maid rang the bell and went to open the door. After a while, Jack came to them and greeted with a smile, "Uncle."

Hearing the name, Hearst cast a glance at him and replied casually, "Yes." He acted indifferently as if he was not familiar with his family.

Jack kept his smile, having expected the result. Jacob had sent someone to invite Hearst three times before, hoping that he could be present at Abby's birthday party. However, every time they met, Hearst always rejected him. Left with no choice, Jacob asked Jack to invite him.

"Uncle, tonight is my mother's birthday. My mom said she hoped you can go to the party. Now in A city, she has few relatives. She hoped that you can attend the party for the sake of grandfather. If you didn't show up, I am afraid that people will gossip about us," said Jack smilingly, with his hands on his front.

Hearst raised his head and looked at him. There was no change in his facial expression and he said, "I'm afraid you are the one who will spread the rumor. Everyone should be responsible for what they have said. Nephew, do you think so?"

With an embarrassed smile on his face, Jack said, "My father has realized that he said something wrong. And he hopes that he could take advantage of tonight to make an apology to you."

Putting down the documents in his hands, Hearst said coldly, "No, thanks."

As he refused decisively, perspiration emerged on Jack's forehead. He said in a low voice, "Uncle, I know you are angry, so I apologize to you on behalf of my father. Today is my mother's birthday. I hope you can attend for my mother's sake."

Seeing his insistence, Hearst still didn't say yes. Just then, Heidy smiled and said, "Let's go to visit them tonight, okay? Just as Jack said, we are family. I'm afraid that Abby will lose her face if her family members are not here."

Looking at her in surprise, Jack didn't expect that she would help him. He smiled and said, "Heidy is right, uncle. Please go. Uncle, I sincerely hope you can attend the party."

Then he looked at Heidy and said, "Okay, leave the invitation and I'll come with your aunt tonight."

Jack nodded repeatedly and said gratefully, "Thank you, uncle. Thank you very much, aunt. I'll go back first and tell mom the good news." After that, Jack left.

Seeing him leave, Hearst raised his eyebrows and said, "Tell me your plan."

Winking her eyes mischievously, Heidy said with her curved eyebrows, "I want to


As soon as Sherry felt her face itchy, she grabbed it randomly and said anxiously, "I don't know. It's itchy..."

At this time, a guest whispered, "Mrs. Xu touch the cake just now. Is there something wrong with the cake? The Xu family is so rich, but they can't afford good cakes?"

Hearing the discussion, Jacob looked awful. He stared at Abby angrily, as if blaming her for failing to do her job.

"Sherry, are you okay?" Heidy said softly.

Her face became more and more itchy. Hearing her words, Sherry suddenly remembered the slap on her face in the courtyard. She pointed at Heidy angrily, "It's you! It must be you! What did you do to me?"

Heidy looked at her in panic and aggrieved. "I didn't do anything. Why do you say that? I know you both don't like me..."

Seeing the expression on Heidy's face, some guests said, "Yes, Mrs. Heidy didn't do anything, so how could you wrongly accuse others? Do you want to shift the attention?"

On the other hand, Hearst comforted Heidy gently with his arm around her waist. He then turned to look at Jacob and said coldly, "I heard that Mr. Jacob invited us here today to apologize. It turns out that it was not your plan. Now that you don't welcome us, then excuse us." Then, Hearst left with Heidy in his arms.

Abby was so worried that she shouted, "Hearst! Hearst!" Seeing that they left without looking back, Abby glared at Sherry angrily. Originally, she wanted to ease the relationship between Hearst. However, Sherry just spoiled the plan.

After they left the Xu family, Heidy put on a smile. "You did it?" said Hearst, who already knew the answer.

Crossed her arms in front of her chest, Heidy coldly looked inside and calmly replied, "I was humiliated by her in the past, but now I just want to take a little revenge for the insult. It was not easy for her to live in Xu family. Now, I'm afraid that she will have to suffer a lot in there."

Though Heidy was not a woman who liked to make troubles, but she must take her revenge if someone dared to mess up with her.

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