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   Chapter 104 Don't You Afraid That I'm Suffering From Indigestion

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The J.Y Group had been established in A city for five years. Although it didn't have a long history as the Hua Group and the JA Group, with its great reputation, its development speed was much faster than that of many other companies. Otherwise, it wouldn't have become the best group in just five years.

In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the J.Y Group being established in A city, the J.Y Group would specially throw a big party. In addition to many business celebrities, there were even important political people. If one was not being invited, it only means that they didn't have enough influence in the A city.

At the party, Noah was chatting enthusiastically with other big shots. He was a humorous man by nature. And he was also good at talking. As a result, he was well-known in A city. And in these years, the business of the J.Y Group was operated by him. Therefore, even if the real boss of the J.Y Group showed up, he could still enjoy a very high status.

While chatting with them, Noah looked at the entry of the party and asked, "It's such an important occasion. Will he stand me up?"

While he was thinking, there was a burst of uproar at the door. Then, in a blue suit, Hearst appeared on the door gracefully. The tailored suit accented his long legs and his perfect body proportion. And the inborn noble and overbearing temperament was even able to threaten people.

Beside him, Heidy wore was also a dark blue strapless gown. The dress was decorated with diamond. It was crumpled, which made the dress look special. The curves of her body were lithe and graceful. Although she was pregnant, her belly was still flat. The five centimeter high heels made her more elegant and dignified.

Holding her hand, Hearst carefully stared at her feet. He looked like that he was caring about his wife very much. Seeing this, everyone believed that Heidy and Hearst really loved each other. Some debutantes were also regretful that they hadn't found it earlier that Hearst was a rare good husband.

Walking in front of them, Noah whistled and said with a smile, "You two are handsome and pretty. And you also need to wear the lover's clothes. Do you come here to torture the single people?"

Raising his eyebrows, Hearst replied in a calm voice, "Of course, I'm here to torture you."

She looked at Noah in surprise and said, "Are you single? You are handsome and humorous. An outstanding man like you can't be single, right?"

Hearing her compliment, Noah laughed and said, "I have a good taste in choosing girls. I like high level beauties like you. But you are so beautiful, and Hearst has already taken you away from me. I have no choice but to be single right now."

Hearst put his arms around her shoulders peremptorily and said, "You have no chance. You can't even think about it."

Noah laughed and said, "It is just a joke. Heidy, do you have any good friends who are as beautiful as you? Please introduce me to them. I remember that you have a female friend before. She is quite good."

Hearing this, Heidy spread her hands and said, "You mean Jess

on me. He is a loyal man."

Noah looked her up and down and said in surprise, "You win."

As they were speaking, Hearst grasped the woman's wrist coldly and forced the woman to step back. Just then, one of the security guards passed by and Hearst said to him with a cold face, "Ask her out. Since you are drunk, you should go back. Don't play outside. I don't want others to get hurt."

The woman looked at him in shock. Before she could react, she had been directly dragged away by the security guards. There were a few guests around who turned back to the hall and spread the words. After that period of time, no woman dared to flirt him, because they were afraid that Hearst would get back at them.

When he was about to turn around, he saw that Noah and Heidy came over together. "She is pretty. It's a pity to let her go," Heidy chuckled.

Hearing this, Hearst said earnestly, "If you also think so, how about I find her back?"

"Okay, just wait for me to take your child away from home," said Heidy slowly.

With his arms around her slender waist, Hearst held her more tightly. And then he said, "You don't have the chance, you'll never be able to escape from me."

Standing beside, Noah said remorsefully, "I wanted Heidy to watch the fun, but I didn't expect that you would show off you affection to me. Alas! Life is hard."

Then, without hesitation, Hearst kicked him on the leg and said, "Stay out of the way, and stopping making your jokes."

After nodding his head, Noah shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, "Well, then I won't bother you two to be so intimate with each other." After that, Noah smiled and left.

After Noah left, Heidy looked up at him and asked curiously, "Can you promise me you will be loyal to me for the rest of your life?"

"Yes, I can." Then he held her chin and kissed her on the lips.

Heidy raised her eyebrows and said proudly, "I'm not the kind of person who believe in sweet words. Just leave it to time."

He touched her nose and said to her in a low voice, "Okay, I'll do as you say."

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