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   Chapter 102 I Would Make It Up For You

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In the early morning, when Heidy was still sleeping, Jessica called her in a hurry, "Heidy, get up quickly. You have promised yesterday that you will go back to school this morning. Don't you remember?"

Placing the phone on her ear, she closed her eyes and said in a sleepless voice, "It seems so. I'll get up soon..."

"9 o'clock in the morning, in the playground of the T University. See you in the same place," Jessica said quickly.

Heidy rubbed her eyes and reluctantly walked into the bathroom. Yesterday, Jessica suddenly called her and said that they would go back to school together. Though she didn't know the reason, she said yes.

At 8:50, Heidy arrived at the playground of T University on time. She came to a big tree and leaned against the trunk. It was not the time yet. So she folded her arms across her chest, closed her eyes and waited quietly. Breeze was stroking their hair. The morning of the campus was coming. The students were talking to each other cheerfully.

After a while, finding that Jessica wasn't here yet, Heidy opened her eyes in confusion. She looked at the time and murmured to herself, "Normally Jessica won't be late." Taking a look at the time, Heidy frowned.

As she was about to call her, she heard a bunch of girls scream with joy. She raised her head casually and saw a tall and straight figure coming from the sunlight. He was wearing a simple white shirt and a pair of jeans, looking fresh and clean.

With an indifferent expression, he walked towards her step by step with one hand in his trouser pocket and a cold look in his eyes. She stared at him in surprise until he came in front of her. Then she asked in astonishment, "Hearst?"

With a faint smile around his lips, Hearst said in a low voice, "Well, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I'm glad that I didn't miss it."

She looked at him in surprise, "Why are you here?"

"I'm waiting for you," said Hearst in a pleasant voice.

"What?" She looked at him with a puzzled look and asked, "So it's you who asked me out today, not Jessica?"

He raised his hand and gently touched her face, and then he said to her in a hoarse voice, "Happy birthday, Heidy. You said that you had a wish, hoping to have a sweet campus love. Then, Jack appeared. But it was a pity that he was not loyal to you. Jessica said the old days in college always remind you of Jack. So, I want to give you a new memory."

She looked at him in astonishment. It took her a long time to react. "You know today is my birthday?"

Then Hearst entwined their fingers and said with a smile, "I know more." Then, he held her hand and walked forward.

Heidy stood there in silence, looking at the side face of Hearst in surprise. The neat clothes he wore, the handsome features on his face, and the cold demeanor from him, all of which were the same as the one she imagined when she was a st

ooked at him, puzzled. Holding her hands, Hearst looked into her eyes and said in a low voice, "Heidy, I love you. I'm sorry to make you sad recently. I shouldn't have made you sad. I will love you and take care of you in the future. Please forgive me, okay?"

Heidy didn't say anything, just quietly staring at him. She had mix feelings when she remembered Gavin's words. Looking at him, Heidy asked hesitantly, "Will you really not get Hua Group into trouble because of me?"

"We are already cooperative partners. How can I turn against the Hua Group? I promise you that I will never harm the Hua Group," said Hearst in a firm tone. Lowering her head and looking at her belly, she took a deep breath.

She finally said bravely, "I want to give myself a chance, and give our children a chance. I'm pregnant and Gavin desire to have a mother. I can't be so cruel to leave him after he finally had his mother. So I believe in you again."

Hearst caressed her face with a smile, and then put his arms around her. Kissing her hair, he said softly, "I won't let you down."

She slowly closed her eyes to feel his breath. In fact, in the process of their cold war, Heidy didn't like it at all. Looking up at him, she whispered, "Well, I believe you again."

Without saying a word, Hearst released her hand, with his fingers still entwined. Looking ahead, Hearst said with a smile, "Let's go. The rest of the road, let's go ahead together."

Heidy could notice that he had made up his mind. At the sight of this, Heidy smiled and replied sweetly, "Okay, let's go together in the future. I hope that there will be no ups and downs." With that, she put her head on his arm, and they slowly walked forward.

The two slender figures were walking out of the avenue in the campus. They looked at each other. Their eyes were full of deep love. But she didn't know that falling in love with Hearst was a hard nut to crack.

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