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   Chapter 101 A Fair Deal

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When Heidy arrived at the hospital, she took the flowers in her hands and came to check on Gavin. She hadn't come to visit him again since he woke up. Thinking of her conversation with Hearst this morning, she lowered her eyes. Eventually, she decided not to forgive him easily and started over again. She was a little restless about something.

In the ward, Gavin was sitting on the bed and setting his eyes on the beautiful scene outside the window. Taking a step forward, Heidy put the flowers in front of him and said, "Gavin, I come to see you."

When Gavin heard the voice, he looked up at her in surprise. Then, as if remembering something, he pretended to be calm and said, "You are here."

Heidy put the flowers in a vase. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and asked, "Gavin, how are you feeling today?"

Gavin raised his chin in an arrogant manner, and said, "Of course, I won't be defeated by the diseases."

Hearing his words, Heidy touched his hair and said in a spoiled tone, "Our Gavin is the best. After you leave the hospital, I will take you to have a big meal."

Fixing his eyes on Heidy, who spoke excitedly in the bottom of her heart, Gavin felt warmth when he heard that she said "Our Gavin". "Do you want to thank me for not wronging you? Although I hate you, I am a good child. A good child doesn't lie," Gavin said, as if he just wanted to tell the truth and he didn't try to help her.

Caressing his head, Heidy smiled lovingly, "I always know that you are a good child."

Feeling the warmth of her palm, Gavin's face turned red. He said arrogantly, "Don't touch my head. Or else, I will not be able grow taller."

With a bright smile, Heidy said happily, "Your genes are very good. You will become a tall and handsome man in the future. Gavin, I feel satisfied to see that you are healthy and strong. A few days ago, I was really worried that you would not wake up. Now, nightmares are finally over."

When Gavin looked at her, he said, "Daddy said that Aunt Annie had used me. In this way, daddy would think that you were a bad person. Well, I'm sorry..." Although he didn't want to call her aunt, he couldn't call her as his mother.

Shaking her head, she replied calmly, "Nothing. It's all over. The most important thing is that you are safe and sound. It was Annie who took advantage of your trust in her."

When Gavin thought of Annie, he lowered his head, looking extremely sad. Until now, it was still difficult for him to believe that Annie wanted to kill him. Every time he thought of it, he felt a little sad. All of a sudden, something came to her mind. Turning to her, he asked hesitantly, "Will you leave daddy?"

She looked at him in surprise. She didn't expect such an answer from him. Being stunned for a few seconds, Heidy replied in a low voice, "Yes."

When he heard the answer, the smile on his face slowly faded away. He lowered her eyes and entwined his fingers more tightly, with obvious loneliness.

Having noticed the change of his mood, Heidy put her hand on his shoulder and asked in a low voice


Hearst laughed heartily and replied in a calm voice, "My wife is a principled person, unlike someone who had an affair with others. Our relationship was established after my wife divorced."

The reporter took notes quickly and said with a smile, "Thank you for accepting our interview, Mr. Hearst and Mrs. Heidy..."

Before the reporter could finish his words, Hearst reached out his hand to stop him. The reporter looked at him doubtfully. Then, he saw only Hearst face to the camera and calmly said, "Today, I want to announce something as well. We hoped to sign a ten-year cooperation agreement with the Hua Group. All the project we take part in, the Hua Group will have privileges."

Heidy looked at him in surprise. A ten-year cooperation agreement? After a quick recording of the news, the reporter said with a smile, "The union of the J.Y Group and the Hua Group will definitely make a better development."

"Of course, my father-in-law had devoted all his life to the Hua Group. As the son-in-law, I will work with my wife and maintain it well," said Hearst.

Heidy looked at him in a daze after the journalists left. After a long while, she said, "You shouldn't say something about the ten-year cooperation agreement. The news will be widely reported by the press. You won't have a chance to regret it at that time."

Holding her hand, he said with a smile, "What I said is a promise and I never regret it."

Hearing what he said, Heidy looked at him in astonishment, "Didn't you say that there would be no husband and wife in the business? We'll have a ten-year cooperation. What do you know it will bring great benefit to the Hua Group."

"Before I met you, I stick to that rules. After I met you, I wanted to change. However, what happened when Gavin was in a coma was an exception." replied Hearst.

Heidy watched him silently. After a long while, she raised his head and said proudly, "Don't think I'll forgive you for doing this. Only in your dreams." With that, she trotted away. She was wavering by his words.

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