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   Chapter 99 Gavin Woke Up

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Outside the ward of the hospital, Heidy and Hearst waited nervously. When Gavin showed signs of waking up, the doctor started the treatment. As time went by, Heidy became nervous. She hoped that Gavin would wake up soon.

On the other side, Annie also looked to the ward in uneasiness. When she saw that Gavin's eyes were still closed, she prayed in her heart.

After a long time, the door finally opened. The next second, Hearst came inside and stood in front of his bed. Grasping the hand of the Gavin, Hearst shouted, "Gavin, can you hear my voice?"

The little boy rolled his eyes and opened them slowly. When he saw Hearst's worried face. With a bright smile, he said, "Daddy..."

Hearing the familiar voice, tears welled up in Hearst's eyes. Holding his hands tightly, Hearst said with a smile, "Yes, baby. You finally wake up. Thank God you finally woke up."

Gavin smiled. Turning around, he fixed his eyes on Heidy. Taking notice of this, Heidy stepped forward and said smilingly, "Gavin, thank you for waking up."

Gavin's voice was still weak. He said slowly, "I heard what you said when I was asleep. I heard you chatting with me."

Tears streamed down her face, which was filled with joy. In a soft voice, she said, "Yes, I've been talking to you all the time. Gavin, can you tell me who pushed you into the water?"

Hearing her answer, Hearst's face also turned grave. He asked, "Who pushed you into the water? Is it her?" Hearst turned to Heidy.

Taking notice of that, Heidy frowned and emphasized again, "I said it wasn't me."

"The person who pushed me into the river isn't her." As he spoke, he raised his hand and pointed to the front. Following his eyes, they saw that Annie was standing there with a pale face and a nervous look.

Taking a deep breath, Annie reminded calm and said, "Gavin, what are you talking about? I have always been so nice to you. How could I hurt you?"

"When I was pushed down, I saw your face. Although you wear the same clothes as Aunt Heidy, I can see your face clearly. Aunt Annie, why did you do that?" Inquired Gavin.

Hearing that, Hearst flew into a rage and disbelief. "You? Annie, why did you do that?"

Annie shook her head and explained hastily, "It's not me. You should go to verify whether I was with my friend that day. The doctor said that the accident might cause a head injury in Gavin's head, which injured his memory. Brother Hearst, I love her so much. How could I do such a thing? "

"Are you really with your friend at the time when accident happened to Gavin? And you know I can find out the truth," said Hearst in a cold tone. "If there is something wrong with Gavin's memory, how could he still remember what clothes the woman wore

can I do for you?"

"Throw her into the same place and let her drown," said Hearst in a cold tone.

Annie held around Hearst's legs tightly and begged in fear, "No, Hearst, please don't... I can't swim. I'll die."

Giving her a heavy kick, he said to her in a cold voice, "You can't swim. Can Gavin swim? You have to pay for what you have done. What are you doing? Take her away."

Several tall and strong men came in and carried her away. "Hearst, I beg you, please let me go. I'm your cousin," Annie begged.

"If you dare say one more word, and I don't mind getting your relatives involved," said Hearst coldly.

Hearing this, Annie immediately shut up and looked at him in despair. She knew what kind of person Hearst was. She believed he could definitely do it. Seeing herself dragged away, Annie regretted, but there was no way to retrieve the situation.

The room became quiet again after Annie was taken away. Looking at the woman standing next to her, Hearst recalled what had happened these days and felt remorseful. At the thought of his slander against her, Hearst said in a low voice, "I'm sorry for what I have done to you."

Seeing him sincerely apologize, Heidy said coldly, "You don't need to apologize. I don't care. But I'm glad that I could finally clear myself. As I said before, you didn't give me the basic trust. You don't deserve my love."

Hearst tried to grab her hand, but she avoided it coldly. Seeing her hand in the air, Hearst frowned and said sincerely, "I'm sorry that I didn't trust you, but I have to admit that Annie has done it very well. It's very difficult to find fault with her plan. I will do the same thing again if everything start over.

Looking at him and staring at his face, Heidy bit her lips tightly and said firmly, "And our marriage is also over."

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