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   Chapter 91 Falling In Love With You Was My Biggest Mistake

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In the office, looking at the man in front of her, Heidy's face was pale, with tears streaming down her cheeks. The sight of the obvious anger on his face pierced her heart. She got up from the ground and stood in front of him again. Gazed at him, she choked, "Just as you said, anyway, he is my child. I can't be so cruel to hurt him."

He watched her from head to toe. He wouldn't believe it either if he hadn't seen the woman in the monitor with his own eyes. "That dress is your favorite, a luxury brand. Do you want to say that someone would dress like you to hurt Gavin? I've asked someone to investigate all the surveillance videos. On that day, nobody wearing that dress in the park except you."

Hearing what he said, Heidy's face turned pale. Grasping him with her shivering hands, she said in a determined tone, "Even so, I didn't hurt Gavin. On that day, I kept looking for him. I didn't find him..."

"Gavin called me when he was in the accident. He told me something about you and he sounded very upset. Heidy, what have you done to him?" said Hearst bitterly.

Thinking of what happened that day, Heidy lowered her head and said, "I just told him that it would take some time for me to really accept him..."

"All the time, you have never wanted to accept Gavin. You have deliberately forgotten his existence in the past, and now, you want him to die," said Hearst, who stared at her with disappointment in his eyes. "Heidy, I'm wrong about you."

After uttering these words, he angrily turned around and left without looking back. Looking at his back, Heidy shouted, "Hearst!" Unfortunately, Hearst didn't look back.

She fell to the ground feebly. With her hands on the ground, she burst into tears. When Jessica came to the office and saw what was happening, she was surprised and asked, "Heidy, why are you crying? What's wrong with Hearst?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Heidy looked up. She leaned on her body and cried sadly, "Jessica, it is not me. I didn't hurt Gavin. I didn't..."

Jessica patted on her shoulder and said softly, "Don't cry. Tell me what happened." As she spoke, Jessica held her up and walked her to the sofa.

Taking the tissue from Jessica's hand, Heidy wiped away her tears. Then she said in a wry voice, "Gavin had been pushed into the water. Because of intracranial hemorrhage, he is still in a coma. Hearst got the video from the monitor. In the video, a woman who dressed exactly like me pushed Gavin in the water. Please trust me. I didn't do it. Although I haven't accepted Gavin, I will not do such a cruel thing..."

With her eyes wide open, Jessica asked, "How did it happen? I trust you. But if he has evidence... Who on earth wants to do this to you?"

Leaning against Sherry's shoulder, tears rolled down from her face. She said melancholy, "I don't know who it is. I only know that I

held his arm and said, "Believe me, Hearst. I have nothing to do with it. Although I can't find any evidence, it really has nothing to do with me."

Heidy had tried to look for it, but on that day, she had no interaction with anyone in the park, so no one could not prove that she was not there when Gavin was pushed in the water. At that moment, Heidy thought she was trapped in a dilemma. Thinking of this, she was at a loss.

Then Hearst shook off his hands and said coldly, "I don't believe your side of the story. Don't bother. Gavin doesn't want to see you."

Looking at her hand, she felt a pang in her heart. Then she grabbed him by the arm and said bitterly, "What can I do to make you believe me. Yes, I don't like Gavin so much, and I don't have much feelings for him. But I am not that kind of cruel person who will hurt a helpless child."

"If he is not a child, you will harm him, right?" Hearing her words, Hearst immediately questioned her with a fierce look.

Shaking her head, she said nervously, "No, I didn't mean that..."

On hearing this, Hearst pulled away her hand directly and said bitterly, "Heidy, how cruel you are. Falling in love with you is my biggest mistake." Then, Hearst left without hesitation.

Standing rooted to the ground, she listened to him silently. Eventually, she failed to control her emotion. She cried out loudly to give vent to her sadness. She kept repeating the last sentence he said.

At a corner where she couldn't see, Hearst stopped. Hearing the cries from behind, his fists clenched. He closed his eyes to hide all the complicated emotions. At this moment, he would never forgive Heidy. But when he heard her crying, he couldn't help feeling heartbroken.

As people came and went in the corridor, Heidy cried silently. However, as for Hearst, he could only stand in a corner and controlled his strong urge to comfort her poor lover.

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