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   Chapter 90 I Didn't Push Him

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Updated: 2020-02-24 00:22

In the ward of the hospital, looking at the bright sky, Hearst looked grave. After one night, Gavin still hadn't woke up. Looking at his tightly closed eyes, Hearst felt a sharp pain in his heart.

Hearst grabbed his hands and kissed them on the lips. Then he said in a hoarse voice, "It's in the morning, you should wake up now. Daddy will be angry if you don't get up."

The little boy in bed was still closing his eyes, as if he had fallen asleep. He touched his face with his large palm and said bitterly, "I know you like sugar, so I won't stop you from eating it. Just get up, okay?"

said Hearst. He used to be a cold and disciplined man, but now, he looked like a father with a doting look on his face. His eyes were filled with eagerness.

The room went in dead silence, and only the sound of instruments could be heard. Hearst became more disappointed. Then Hearst lifted Gavin's hand and leaned against it with his eyes closed.

The sun had risen high in the morning. The doctor came to Gavin's ward and checked his physical condition. After a check, the doctor apologetically said, "Mr. Hearst, the patient's head was hit by something and suffered brain damage due to hypoxia. Last night was a golden time for him to regain his consciousness. If we missed it, I'm afraid..."

"He will never wake up?" Annie followed the doctor's words and asked in panic.

The doctor put his hands in front of him and sighed, "There is a high chance of it. And we will do everything we can to save him..." Then the doctor left the ward.

On the other hand, Hearst kept silent when he heard what the doctor said. "Don't be sad, Hearst. Gavin will get through it. I believe that Gavin will wake up one day."

Hearst didn't say anything, fondling Gavin's cheek. Taking a glance at him, she heaved a deep sigh. "If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have allowed Heidy to b

topped for a second. Although the face of the woman who had pushed Gavin couldn't be seen, she could still recognize the woman's dress and accessories. Because Heidy was wearing the same light yellow dress as the woman in the video yesterday. The style and color were the same as the person's dress in the picture.

She trembled and looked at him in a panic. Grasping her wrist angrily, Hearst couldn't help but speak more loudly, "Heidy, how could you be so cruel? He is your son, your own son. How could you do this to him?"

She kept shaking her head, tears rolling down from her eyes. She said in a trembling voice, "It's not me, not me, really not me..."

He grabbed her wrist tightly, his eyes burned with rage. He said in a voice mixed with aversion and disappointment, "Heidy, you've let me down!"

"No, I didn't push him!" In a weak voice, she tried to explain.

Hearst angrily shook away her hand and she fell to the ground. There was pain in the elbow, but not as much as the pain in her heart.

"Heidy, if something happened to Gavin, I will never forgive you," said Hearst coldly, clenching his teeth.

Tears trickled down, and Heidy looked at him sadly, "Believe me, I didn't hurt him... That person is not me, really not..."

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