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   Chapter 88 Something Happened!

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According to Gavin's demand, Heidy drove to a public park in A city. It was a place for the citizens to relax. Built in retro style, it was an excellent place for summer.

After parking the car, Heidy and Gavin walked side by side. Taking a glance at the little boy beside her, Heidy asked in curiosity, "Gavin, have you been here before?"

"Aunt Annie and I have been here before," explained Gavin. Staring ahead, he was lost in his thought.

"Oh," she said. Actually, she didn't know what to say. In the past she could bicker with him since she just consider him as a little boy. But now, he had become her son. Thinking of this, Heidy became more silent.

Seeing someone was selling watermelon in front, Heidy walked up and bought two pieces. She squatted down and put a piece of watermelon in front of him, "Are you thirsty?"

Gavin looked at her in silence and didn't move a muscle. After a moment of silence, he said, "Thank you." After saying that, he took the watermelon and started to eat it. With a gentle smile on her face, Heidy walked by him, enjoying the scenery while eating.

When they finished the meal, Heidy saw that there was watermelon juice on Gavin's face and hands. She took out the tissue from her bag, took his small hand and wiped it for him. "After wiping it, your hands are clean."

Gavin's eyes were fixed on her. There were mix feelings in his heart. The smile on her face brought a kind of warmth to Gavin's heart. Was this woman really her mother?

After Heidy wiped his hands clean, she stood up and stretched her hand in front of him. "Gavin, can I hold your hand?"

Looking at the palm in front of him, Gavin was a little hesitant. In fact, there was no doubt that deep down in his heart he didn't hate Heidy that much. On the contrary, when he realized that he was not the one who jumped out of a stone, and had mother, he felt giddy with excitement.

However, Heidy was different from his imagination. Other children's mothers all liked their own children. However, Annie told him that Heidy hated him. Therefore, after joy, he felt desolate and depressed.

Gavin placed his hands behind his back and turned his head around. He aid arrogantly, "I don't want to." After saying that, he turned around and walked ahead.

Seeing him go away, Heidy sighed softly. She felt that Gavin was still unwilling to accept who she was. Giving a shrug, she reminded herself to turn calm and followed the steps of Gavin.

During the whole hour, they visited all the beautiful pavilions in the park. However, Heidy, who wanted to have intimate contact with Gavin, had rarely spoken to each other. There seemed to be a membrane between them, and they didn't know how to cross it.

After a long time, Gavin suddenly remembered what Annie said. According to Annie, as long as he did what she said, he would know wheth

ick him up from somewhere in the afternoon. Then, he started the engine. The car ran fast on the road.

He called Heidy for several times, but nobody answered. The calm expression on his face betrayed him. "Please," he said worriedly

Inside the park, a person stood on the place where Gavin had been. She narrowed her eyes and gazed at the figure who was struggling in the water. When she saw that the little boy gradually ceased to struggle in the water, she crossed her arms in front of her chest, a triumphant smile appearing on her face. She turned around, lowered her head and left indifferently.

Ten minutes later, Heidy search in the park but she still didn't find him. With time passed, she asked in panic, "is he going to be okay? I should have told a lie."

She looked for him worriedly and kept walking. Her eyelids kept twitching, as if something ominous would happen. Thinking of this, she quickened her pace.

Suddenly, a familiar figure came into view. Seeing him, she asked in surprise, "Why are you here, Hearst?"

Instead of answering her question, Hearst grabbed her wrist and asked, "Where is Gavin?"

Taking a glance at him, Heidy shook her head. "I don't know. I had a quarrel with him before he left."

Upon hearing her, he immediately let go of her, running forward without any pause. Seeing this, Heidy followed. When they were at a loss, they saw many people surrounding a place not far away and it seemed that something had happened.

Hearst broke through the crowd. When seeing the scene in front of him, Hearst felt his heart stop and his blood froze. Gavin was lying on the ground not far from him, and he was pale and soaked. Next to him, a young man who was also soaked in the water was trying to save his life.

"Gavin!" Hearst ran up to them and shouted.

Heidy's eyes widened. She covered her mouth with her hands and looked at the scene in disbelief.

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