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   Chapter 87 Plot

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In Hearst's villa, Heidy dressed in thin nightgown, sitting quietly at the end of the bed, losing in thought. Thinking of what she had saw in the study, she frowned slightly. She didn't expect that her father had already known that she gave birth to a boy secretly. But at that time, she did not remembered that her father had any strange behavior. Thinking of this, Heidy frowned with a headache.

She couldn't figure out who gave the information to her father, and did he take any actions after knowing this? And as for Hearst, did he know anything about it? A series of questions kept bothering her, and she rubbed her forehead with her hands.

Hearst came into her room and sat down beside her. Holding her tiny waist, he asked, "Are you upset now?"

She turned her head slightly and smiled gently. With her arms around his neck, she said, "No, I'm just a little tired."

He held her in his arms and touched her gently. Her curvy figure could be seen through the thin nightgown. Then, without uttering a single word, Hearst leaned his body forward. In the next second, she was pressed on the bed. Looking at the man on her, Heidy covered her chest with her hands and said, "I'm pregnant."

"Yes, I know," Then he said in a low voice. "I'll be gentle." Before he finished speaking, he lowered his head. Heidy looked at him in surprise. Her protest didn't work, so she had to hold his neck and raise her chin slightly.

With a blush on her cheeks, she looked at the tall and strong man shyly. "The first time I saw you naked, I'm sure that you are in good shape."

Then, holding her hand and putting it on his abs, he said with a light smile, "Oh, you love them too."

Hearing his words, Heidy said in a shy tone, "This is an era where girls loves men with abs, isn't it?"

He nodded in agreement. Seeing that, he smiled more brightly. "So I'm going to eat you up tonight." Before he finished speaking, he lowered his head and placed his head on her chest. She exclaimed. Before she could think more, Hearst couldn't wait another second. Love was enchanting and they lost themselves in the night.

After the intense fight, Heidy nestled softly in his arms. Her slender finger fell on his chest and gently drew circles. Then he grabbed her naughty hand, put it on his lips and kissed it. "Do you still want it?"

Shaking her head, she said immediately, "No, no..."

Seeing her nervous look, Hearst laughed in a low voice. Then, he placed his hand on her belly, and said to her in a low and deep voice, "I didn't expect that there is a baby here."

As she raised her hand and was about to touch her belly, she touched the scar and sighed, "I should have taken good care of my body, then I don't need a caesarean section. If I didn't have this scar, everything would be changed dramatically."

Originally, according to the plan, it was a natural birth, but because of he

being your wife is not bad."

"Then what's your feeling when you were Jack's wife?" teased Hearst in a flirtatious tone, holding tightly on to her chin.

As if thinking of the past, Heidy smiled and said, "Not bad. Before we break up, Jack has been a romance husband. Otherwise, Sherry wouldn't have seduced him. Of course, only when he has that kind of thoughts can he be seduced."

Hearing her explanation, Hearst raised his eyebrows and said, "It seems that I should make more efforts to get rid of him from your heart."

Hearing his words, Heidy giggled and said, "You don't need to say that. Don't compare yourself with such a bad man, or you will degrade yourself. He is just a part of my memory. Let bygones be bygones. He means nothing to me now."

He touched her nose and said with satisfaction, "That's good."

Heidy checked the time. She pushed him on the back and urged, "Go to work now. I need to pack up. I have to go out with Gavin."

"If he misbehaves, don't forget to tell me," said Hearst thoughtfully.

An mischievous smile crept over Heidy's face. She teased, "If Gavin heard what you said, he would say that you don't care about him anymore. Let's go. Be careful on the way."

Then, without expecting it, he pecked her on the lips and said in a low voice, "See you." Then, he left with reluctance.

Standing there, she watched Hearst leave. And she gazed into the distance for a long time. Hearing the car whistle faded away, Heidy went to change her clothes. It was the first time for Heidy to go out alone with Gavin. As a result, she was inexplicably nervous.

Ten minutes later, Heidy stood downstairs, waiting for Gavin. "Let's go," said Heidy smilingly.

Without saying a word, Gavin walked forward. Seeing this, she followed immediately. However, what she didn't know was that there was a violent storm waiting for her. Not long after, she realized that the storm was coming.

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