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   Chapter 86 He Knew It Earlier!

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In Hearst's mansion, Gavin who was lowering his head, sat cross legged on the lawn. His little face puckered, as if he was thinking about something seriously. Annie sat beside him and was lost in her thought.

She had never expected that Heidy should be the mother of Gavin. She had suspected before why Gavin suffered from leukemia and he needed the blood from Heidy's umbilical cord. When Hearst explained that it was because Heidy's matching rate was high, she still believed it. It was beyond her expectation that Heidy was the woman who had given birth to Gavin.

"Aunt Annie, daddy told me to like her," Gavin gently said. "I didn't know that I have a mother."

On hearing what Gavin said, Annie said in a hurry, "Gavin, do you want to accept Heidy? Please don't. She abandoned you because she didn't want to admit you. As a mother, she won't love you even if she knows that you are her child. Besides, she is pregnant. She is going to take care of her own baby."

Raising his head, Gavin asked in confusion, "Isn't I her baby?"

Looking at his confused face, Annie touched his head and smiled, "Although you are her son, she doesn't want to admit it. Otherwise, why she didn't show up in the past? Why she didn't tell you that she is your mother after she met you?"

Hearing her explanation, Gavin didn't say anything. Instead, he bit his lips and tried to mask the grief on his face. After a while, his eyes were filled with tears.

Taking a glance at Gavin who was still in a bad mood, Annie added fuel to fire and said, "I have watched you grow up. I won't do harm to you. Although I am very happy that you have found your mother, I also hope that you can have a mother who loves you very much. And I'm sure that Heidy will not love you. So, you can't accept her. You know, Hearst loves you so much. If you insist, he will definitely get rid of her."

"Is it true?" Gavin asked, blinking

Seeing this, Annie said in an affirmative tone, "Yes, you are Hearst's child. Of course he loves you. If you are not happy about it, I believe that Hearst will not be so stubborn. You can choose your favorite mother and find someone who loves you to be your mother. Just like... Just like me."

Without replying, Gavin looked at her and thought about what she said. The smile on Annie's face turned wild. Gavin was always polite and considerate. She believed that he would obey what she said.

Before she opened her mouth, Gavin said earnestly, "No way."

"What?" Annie looked at him, puzzled.

Gavin rose from the lawn. Looking at Annie, he said excitedly, "I don't want to ask other aunts to be my mother. I have my mother. Dad said as long as I behave well, mom will like me."

Annie didn't expect that Gavin wouldn't listen to her. Disappointment flashed on her face. Looking at his face, Annie knew that it would not be easy to persuade him again. An idea flashed in her mind. She took his hand and said smilingly, "Gavin, I have an idea to

me information about Hearst. It was not very detailed, but it was said that he was the head of J.Y Group. What shocked her the most was that there was a picture of Gavin when he was little in the bag.

With disbelief on her face, she asked in a trembling voice, "So dad already knew that?"

As she flipped through the document again, she noticed that it dates on the information was on May 20th this year. She remembered that on May 22nd, the company suddenly had a business crisis. The commercial crisis led to the financial crisis of the Hua Group. As a result, after an accident in the construction site, it was impossible for them to take back the unfavorable measures immediately. It could be said that it was the beginning of everything.

And on the 20th of June, her father suffered an accident. Was there any special connection between the two events? Staring at the document in her hand, she asked with doubt, "Who gave Dad such detailed information? What happened in these two days?" She had many questions, but she couldn't figure them out.

She put the paper back into the drawer. She frowned, with a serious look on her face. Then, the door of the study was pushed open and Hearst walked in. "Have you found it?"

Frightened, she raised her head and smiled, "No. I didn't find it. I don't know where my dad put it. Maybe I can only get it another day."

Seeing her pale face, Hearst came over to her and asked, "You don't look good. What's wrong?"

Shaking her head, she adjusted her mood and said with a smile, "I'm fine. I just felt a little sad when I saw the photos of my parents. It's late. Let's go home." Then they left hand in hand. Subconsciously, Heidy didn't tell the truth. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but sigh. There were always some special meanings in human subconsciousness.

Hearst frowned, but said nothing. He nodded slightly and took her out of the study. As he casually looked back, there was a severe look on Hearst's face.

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