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   Chapter 85 I Would Take My Revenge

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Heidy didn't expect that Hearst would show up here. She was also surprised. She looked at Hearst who was standing in front of her with a smile on her face.

The journalists put the microphones in front of Noah and asked in a gossipy voice, "Mr. Noah, do you come here to represent J.Y group to strive for the project in the ecological area? Is he Miss Heidy's husband? Does he work in your company?"

Noah shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "Today I can't represent the J.Y group. Let me introduce to you. Mr. Hearst is the chairman and CEO of the J.Y group."

After hearing this, everyone was shocked, eyes wide open, and looked incredibly at Hearst. After a while, a reporter raised a question, "How could it be? Mr. Jacob is Mr. Hearst's brother-in-law. Didn't Mr. Jacob just say that Mr. Hearst is an competent man?"

Hearing this, Hearst looked at Jacob, squinted his eyes and said with a faint smile, "Really?"

Jacob was not in a good mood. It never occurred to him that Hearst was the real boss of the J.Y group. Feeling the royal temperament he exuded, Jacob regretted. But there was no regret medicine in the world.

Seeing that he did not speak, a reporter continued to ask him, "Mr. Jacob, are you not familiar with Mr. Hearst? And you are not aware of Mr. Hearst's identity? And you tried to discredit him?"

"I don't know," said Jacob, raising his head seriously and gloomily

Some of the reporters turned to look at Hearst and asked with a smile, "Mr. Hearst, since you are the boss of the J.Y group, and you has not been made public for so many years. I don't know for what reason you are willing to make your identity public this time."

Hearst walked up to Heidy and said with a slight smile, "I don't want my wife to be accused for something she didn't do and I will not just stand aside and watch when someone tried to frame her."

Opening her eyes, Heidy raised her chin and met his eyes. She didn't expect that he made his identity public for her sake. At the thought of this, she smiled brightly and her heart thumped.

Although Hearst didn't say anything, everyone present knew what he meant. Since yesterday, the Xu family had spared no effort to criticize Heidy and discredit Hearst. As expected, Jacob's face was even worse and became gloomy.

"As the leader of among the three big groups, how do you think of it?" the reporter asked again and again. After all, it was the first time for the media journalists to know that Hearst was the real boss, so they wanted to seize every opportunity to interview him.

Hearing this, Hearst replied carelessly, "The main battlefield of the J.Y group is still European market. And this project is only part of our test."

Hearing what he said, Heidy held back her smile and looked at Jacob slowly. Jacob tried his best to fight for this project, but in the eyes of Hearst, the project meant nothing. Before Hearst finished, Jacob stared at him angrily. Then he pretended to be calm and led his men into the meeting room.

Hearing this, Hearst held Heidy in his arms naturally and said with a smile, "Honey, it's

ger," said Jack in a worried tone.

Jacob gave him a vicious look and slapped on his face, "You are so useless." After that, Jacob left in a rage.

Jack covered his face with one hand, burning with fury in his eyes. Clenching his teeth, Jack suppressed his anger and went forward.

In the car, with one hand supporting her head, Heidy said happily, "Thinking of the unwilling expression on Jacob's face, I feel much better."

"Of course, I should teach him a lesson since it was our first head-on confrontation," said Hearst slowly.

Looking at him, she said with a smile, "Thank you for your help today. If Jacob win the project, there will be a huge gap between the Hua Group and the JA Group, and it will be hard for us to catch up with them." During the period of time, the Hua Group and the JA Group began to compete with each other. Though the Hua Group did not win in all the competitions, they at least made much impact on them.

Hearst leaned on the seat with one hand supporting his body. He slightly bent down, looked at the beautiful little woman in front of him, smiled and said: "What's my reward?"

With a blush on her face, she said in a hurry, "I'm pregnant."

"I didn't say I want to do that. Have you thought about it?" said Hearst, with a slight smile on his face.

Heidy blushed and said shyly: "I didn't... Before she could react, Hearst placed his lips on hers.

And he bit her lips gently. She looked at his enlarged face and slowly closed her eyes. She put her arms around his neck, slightly raised her chin and began to respond. Their tongues entwined intimately and swallowed the smell of each other. Their bodies clung to each other, reluctant to part.

After a long while, Hearst let go of her reluctantly. Leaning against her earlobe, he said in a hoarse voice, "You're such an alluring beauty. It's just a kiss, and you are in fire right now. The following months are tough for me."

"You deserve it," said Heidy cheerfully, a happy smile flicker across her face. She hoped that she had made the correct choice.

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