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   Chapter 82 A Fair Exchange

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At night, in Hearst's villa. On the sofa, Heidy and Gavin were sitting on the couch and blankly staring at each other. When she thought that Gavin was her child, she felt a pang in her heart. She bit her lower lip. However, Gavin looked at her with hostility. It was obvious that he didn't like her.

Then, Hearst walked out of the study. Seeing they were staring at each other in silence, Hearst didn't disturb them. He turned around and went back to his study. Though Heidy dared not face the past, Hearst thought that she had to face it bravely if she wanted to solve the problem. Whether it was easy or not, it depended on herself.

Gavin tired of staring at her and said, "You're a mean woman! You're not welcome. Get out!"

The words brought her mind back. She wanted to smile, but she almost broke down at the thought of that he was her son. "Gavin, I don't want to live here. Your father forced me to," said Heidy helplessly.

When he heard these words, he was so angry that he groaned, "Stop threatening me with my father. You are a bad person. You want to take away my father, and you even want the baby to steal my father."

Taking a glance at Gavin who turned pale out of anger, Heidy was worried and said, "Don't be too emotional, please. You are a patient now."

With arms akimbo, he raised his chin and said, "I don't want to listen to you. I have every right to be angry. You are a bad person! You take my father away from me."

Heidy watched the little boy pouting without saying anything. Jessica had told her that she resembled Gavin. But she didn't pay much attention to it then. She looked at Gavin carefully and found that they really looked like each other, especially their mouths. Why this child was hers? Thought of this, Heidy frowned.

When she frowned, Gavin felt a little nervous. Gavin stepped forward and held her hands with his. In a low voice, he begged, "Please, don't take father from me. I still have many friends. You can go and take their father away from them. All children have daddy and mommy. You can take one of them away, and they still have accompany. But I only have a father. If you take him away, then I will be alone..."

Hearing his words, Heidy's heart thumped. Looking at his serious face, Heidy swallowed and pretended to be calm. "Don't you have a mother?"

As she spoke, Gavin lowered his head. His eyelashes quivered, looking bleak. Half a minute later, he raised her head, smiled and said in a relaxed tone, "My father told me that I was born from the stone, so I don't have a mother."

She gazed at him. Although he still wore a smile on his face, she felt that him was not really smiling. Somehow she felt a little pity for him when he was trying hard to smile like that. "Then... Others have a mother, but you don't. will you be sad?" Heidy softly asked.

Feeling the coldness from his hand, Heidy looked at him, but didn't know how to comfort him. "I'm not sad. I'm a brave man." His eyes turning red.

is because of artificial impregnation. It was easy for the child to have diseases. Are you expecting the next child to suffer from leukemia?" said Hearst coldly.

Heidy looked at him in amazement. She hadn't thought that Gavin suffered from leukemia because of this reason. In an instant, a feeling of guilt washed over her. "So, it's all because of my selfishness that he has suffered?"

Seeing her expression, Hearst squatted down and came up to her. He said seriously, "Heidy, in your eyes, your father is the most important. It's not shameful for you to give up your dignity for him. And my purpose of doing this is to make a fair deal. The only unexpected thing is that you and I love each other."

Without replying, she just gazed at somewhere in silence. After a long pause, she reminded in a low voice, "If I hadn't agreed on the matter three years ago, Gavin wouldn't have been born. In that case, he wouldn't have been involved in those things."

Hearing this, Hearst said in an icy voice, "You should know, if it weren't for what happened three years ago, your family would have gone bankrupt."

"Yes, if it weren't for all this..." She smiled bitterly and found that she was in a passive state.

"There is no if. Let bygones be bygones. Many things have been destined, and it's also my destiny to fall in love with you," said Hearst seriously, holding her hand.

She withdrew her hand and turned her head away. Then she said hoarsely, "I want to be alone for a while."

On the other hand, Hearst didn't say anything further. He just stood up and left her alone. Before he left, he turned to look at her and said, "You are a smart woman. Don't be trapped in the past. Now you should consider how to minimize the damage now. As you said, who you owe most should be Gavin."

Then, he left. With her hands holding her legs tightly, she gazed into the dark world and lost in her thoughts. Coldness engulfed her. She couldn't help thinking about what Hearst had said.

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