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   Chapter 81 Told Me The Truth

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In the CEO Office of the Hua group, Heidy was reading the document in her hand in a daze. Thinking of the little life in her belly, she couldn't help feeling nervous. She had been hoping that she could be relieved after she was pregnant, but when she did, she didn't feel good.

Assistant Chen walked into the office in a hurry. Seeing that Heidy was absent-minded, he could not help saying, "Boss, something happened."

She rolled her eyes and asked, "What's wrong?"

"There were a lot of reports about your pregnancy on the Internet just now. The paparazzo took photos secretly in the hospital, and a lot of people said offensive words on the Internet. Some extreme people said that under the leadership of you, the Hua group would certainly become a stigma. Some cooperative companies and media called to confirm the news. the assistant replied in a hurry, "Boss, should we clarify it?"

Heidy didn't expect that the news of her pregnancy got round fast. She shook her head and said lightly, "It's the truth and we don't need to clarify it."

Assistant Chen looked at her with astonishment and said, "Boss, being pregnant before marriage is a big issue in the A city. The stock market might be affected badly if those media keep on making up stories about it."

Biting her lips, Heidy went silent. Although the economy of A city was developed, people here were more conservative and traditional. Although it was not a mistake that she was pregnant before marriage, she was condemned and criticized by the public. Plus, she was the boss of the Hua group. The consequence would only be more severe.

With a serious look, Heidy said in a low voice, "Ask the public relations department to handle this. Ask the media not to make wild reports and try to minimize the impact."

After hearing that, assistant Chen nodded and said, "Boss, in fact, you can marry Mr. Hearst. In this way, the crisis can be resolved."

"No way. I won't marry him," Heidy said firmly. When she calmed down, she made it clear that it wasn't Hearst's fault in the past. No one put a knife on her neck to force her into submission, but she volunteered to give birth to the child at that time. What she could not forgive was herself. She was unable to untie the knot in her heart.

The look on her face convinced him. Without another word, the assistant turned around and left in silence. As soon as assistant Chen left, Sherry said in a cold voice, "You are so lucky, sister. You just secretly have a child, and now you get pregnant before marriage. Father must be very happy to have grandchild so soon."

Hearing this, Heidy frowned and looked at her unhappily, "What are you doing here? Get out!"

Sherry came to her with her hands crossed over her chest. Seeing that she was angry, Sherry said arrogantly, "Of course I'm here to care about you and congratulate you on your new baby. But how could you have a baby with a stranger? What do you think Grandpa will deal with this matter?"

With her eyes wide open, Heidy stood up and said angrily,

employees were shocked.

Holding her in her arms, Hearst got on the back seat of the Rolls Royce. Before she could get out of the car, Hearst ordered, "Start the car."

They were on the road in a short time. When Hearst calmly stared at her, there was anger burning in Heidy's eyes. She asked, "Where are we going, Hearst? You can't force me to get married without my consent."

Raising his eyebrows, he said, "Of course, I won't force you to get married. From today on, you will live in my house."

With her eyes wide open in shock, Heidy protested loudly, "No, I refuse. I don't want to live in your house!"

Looking at her excited face, he said slowly, "You have no right to refuse. We have a contract that you should obey my arrangement after you are pregnant, which means you can deliver the baby successfully."

Clenching her teeth, she suddenly slapped the man to death. Heidy took a deep breath. She said in a cold tone, "I know what you have done is to get me pregnant, so you can have the blood from the umbilical cord to save Gavin. I was so stupid to believe that you came to me just because my blood was suitable for Gavin."

Seeing the undisguised complaint and hatred in her eyes, he frowned and said, "I ask you to come here not only to let you have a peaceful time when are pregnant, but also to let you face the past."

With her pupils dilated, her body stiffened and started to cool inexplicably. She was not stupid and knew what he meant, "You mean... Gavin?"

He nodded to her. Then he looked at her in the eyes and said to her in a calm voice, "Gavin is the most important factors in our past history. You have to face him, then you will have a chance to let go of this knot in your heart."

Hearing his reason, Heidy sneered, "Aren't you worried that I can't let go of the past and will resent you more and reject you for that?"

"Of course not," Hearst replied calmly. "We have a lifetime to try."

Looking at his expression, Heidy didn't say anything but bit her lower lip tightly.

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