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   Chapter 79 I Owe You This Slap

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After leaving the villa, Heidy pressed the accelerator hard and drove fast on the road. The conversation between Hearst and Noah kept coming to her mind. She had never expected that the man who paid for her to give birth to a baby was Hearst. Thinking of this, she stepped harder on the accelerator.

Tears rolled down from her eyes. Everything in front of her was in a blur. Her brain was buzzing. It seemed that in the depths of her heart, someone was laughing at her recklessly. She had told herself to forget the humiliating past. But she never thought that she would fall in love with the man who made her suffer. The more she thought about it, the more ridiculous she felt.

The car stopped by the beach. She got out of it and walked towards it with heavy steps. The sea breeze was blowing her hair. She was not in the mood to tidy up her hair. The scene that she had been lying on the operating room years ago and the fact that she had been like a prisoner in the hospital since she had been pregnant for ten months flashed in her mind.

"Why it has be to you? Why?" Heidy looked into the distance and cried painfully. Tears trickled down, filled with sorrow.

She got down on her knees and kept digging the sand in the beach to vent out her anger. With tears rolling down, she repeated the same move without even noticing it.

Not far away, Hearst was standing there quietly. Seeing that Heidy was on the verge of breaking down, he didn't stop her. He knew that she needed to express her emotion in this way.

Unconsciously, her hands were covered with wounds. Clenching her fists and pounding her fists on the ground, she broke down and cried, "Why? Why did you lie to me? I would rather you tell me earlier, so that I won't fall in love with you. If I didn't fall in love with someone, I would not be so painful. If you were just a stranger to me, I wouldn't feel so bad..."

Given the current situation, she felt that she was in a mess. Three years ago, she abandoned her self-esteem, and gave birth to a baby for Hearst. She betrayed herself again three years later. This time she sold her body. As these things kept repeating in her mind, she was on the verge of collapse.

With her shoulders trembling, she burst into tears, immersed in her own thoughts. She couldn't help but crying her heart out. She felt sad, not only because she knew that Hearst was the man in the past, but also because he concealed and deceived her. When old story was uncovered, and the wound that was about to heal was torn apart, one would badly suffer.

She started to cry loudly as if she was going to give full vent to all the grief she had suppressed these years. Seeing her face, Hearst stood not that far away and tried hard to resist his urge to comfort her. He had expected that this would happen once she knew the truth. Therefore, he didn't tell her the truth.

Her voice became hoarse

stupid and let him down."

Looking at her sad face, Jessica took her hand and said, "No. uncle loves you so much, and he won't want you to be so sad."

"I'm in love with a man who sold my body for. How ridiculous is that..." Heidy raised her head and let out a plaintive laugh.

Looking at her tearful eyes, Jessica comforted her, "Don't say that to yourself. In my eyes, you are a good girl. And we don't need to care about other people's opinions."

Smiling ironically, Heidy raised her head and cried silently. Jessica didn't know how to comfort Heidy, so she could only accompany her.

It seemed a century had passed, and Jessica said softly, "Heidy, if you really feel painful, just forget about Hearst. Forget what happened during this time and start a new life."

Hearing her opinion, Heidy choked, "Can I start over? Can I really do that?"

Jessica nodded firmly and replied with a smile, "Of course. You should get rid of him before you get pregnant. It would be not easy for you to get away if you were pregnant again. Then, you can preserve your eggs in the hospital. By then, we can find another woman to give birth to your baby."

At the mention of this, Heidy was as pale as a ghost. She laid her hands on her flat lower abdomen and said bitterly, "It's too late."

With her eyes wide open, Jessica pointed at Heidy in disbelief, "Are you pregnant? How come..."

Heidy shivered at the thought. Slowly, a determined look appeared in her eyes. Then she raised her head and said decisively, "I won't let the child be born."

Hearing her words, Jessica swallowed and asked, "Do you want to have an abortion?"

Though her tone was filled with pain, Heidy said decisively, "It's better to have an abortion than to have a baby with him. Just as you said, I will go to the hospital to have another woman to give birth to my own child. Anyway, I can't give birth to the baby by myself. Otherwise, I'm afraid..."

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