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   Chapter 78 Were You Really The Employer During My Pregnancy

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The next day, Heidy came to the hospital on time. She took the medical card to get the examination list in the hospital. For her, it was just a routine examination. There was no change in her body before, so she assumed that it must be the same this time. She took out the test report and walked directly to the doctor's office without giving a glance at it.

Handing the paper to the doctor, she sat on the chair and waited quietly. The doctor smiled at the test result and said, "Miss Heidy, according to the results of blood and urine identification, you are pregnant. You are only pregnant ten days or so, the baby was not that big, according to the data. So you'd better take a month's pregnancy check."

She asked in surprise, "Am I really pregnant?"

Nodding, the doctor said with a smile, "Yes, the test list won't lie. Miss Heidy, congratulations for your pregnancy."

She looked at the doctor in surprise for a long time before she regained her composure. They tried so hard but still failed to find any signs of infertility. Now, they even prepared to check whether Heidy was infertile. Unexpectedly, she was pregnant. "Thank you, doctor, then what should I pay attention to next?" asked Heidy in a hurry.

"You should not work too hard in the first three months, lest you have an abortion. Pay more attention to your rest and eat more folic acid every day to keep a happy mood. For the rest of them, you have to wait a month to do a more comprehensive physical examination. Now the baby is still small. The specific problem is still unknown," said the doctor.

She bowed to the doctor and said, "Okay, thank you, doctor."

She walked out of the doctor's office with the test result paper. Her heart was filled with happiness. Looking at the data on the test paper, Heidy felt her heart was beating fast. "I'm really pregnant. I'm so surprised," Heidy murmured to herself.

If it was yesterday, she would have thought that she could finally get rid of the complicated feelings. But today, Heidy couldn't help smiling. Since their relationship would be over, the arrival of the baby was a surprise. Then she picked up her phone and called Hearst. Hearst did not picked up until quite a while later.

"Hello, Hearst. Where are you?" She couldn't hide her happiness on her face.

Hearst answered in a low voice, "I'm in a meeting."

Heidy understood and said, "I'll talk to you later." With these words, she hung up the phone and walked outside happily.

At the gate of the hospital, she met Annie. Seeing her, Annie frowned. "Miss Heidy, what are you doing here?"

Shock flashed across her face, but she calmed down very soon. "Nothing." As she spoke, she intended to walk past Annie.

When Heidy walked past her, Angie said abruptly, "I know you like Hearst, but I hope you can leave him alone.

rassed smile, "I suddenly remember that I have something to deal with..." Then, he walked out of the room in a hurry. When he passed by Heidy, he stopped for a few seconds and left.

Clenching her fists, she walked to the man she loved step by step with a tense expression. Standing in front of him, Heidy looked up at him and asked word by word, "Are you really the employer who asked me to bear his child?"

Looking at her eager eyes, Hearst fell into silence. After a long pause, he opened his mouth in a low voice, "Yes, I am."

Her heart shattered at this moment. She looked at him in agony and was closed to tears. She then raised her voice and asked, "Why did you hide it from me? Why did you lie to me! You have a lot of chances to tell the truth. Why?"

Seeing the excited look on her face, Hearst knew that his explanation was in vain, so he said, "Heidy."

"Don't call my name!" Heidy shouted excitedly, "I do mind what happened in the past, but I hate deception and concealment more. Why do you appear in my life? Hearst, do you want to humiliate me?"

On hearing her words, Hearst frowned and said, "No, I came here because of Gavin's sickness."

Before he finished speaking, Heidy shouted angrily, "For the sake of your son, you chose to hurt me instead? Because of the humiliation I suffered in the past, I felt guilty and didn't dare to be intimate with Jack. That's why he hook up with Sherry. Hearst, why did you do that?"

"Even without this thing, men who want to have an affair will still do that," said Hearst.

However, she didn't listen to him at all and her face was red with rage. With tears rolling down her eyes, Heidy clenched her fists and said through clenched teeth, "Hearst, I hate you!" Saying that, she turned around and ran downstairs quickly.

"Heidy!" Seeing that, Hearst stopped for a few seconds and immediately caught up with her.

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