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   Chapter 76 Why Me

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In the restaurant, Heidy and Hearst were sitting face to face. Holding the bowl in his hands, Hearst calmly filled a bowl of soup for her and said, "Drink more." Then, he put the chicken soup in front of her.

Depressed, Heidy took the bowl. Seeing the smile on his face, she said in a low voice, "I'm concerned about our future. Gavin doesn't like me. If we continue to be together, we will hurt each other deeply in the future. At least, I don't want to be the one who get hurt."

When he picked up food for her in a calm manner, he said to her in an indifferent tone, "Eat more food. It's good for your health, and the mushroom it's good for your kidney."

Hearing that, Heidy twitched her mouth and glared at him. "Men should nourish kidney, so you have to eat more nutritious food by yourself. Be careful of your health."

On hearing this, Hearst replied calmly, "Women need to pay attention to the kidney. And I will eat the oyster."

As soon as she heard that, she coughed and her face flushed. Although she didn't know much things about nutrition, she did know that oyster could boost men's energy. "Hearst!" Hearing this, Heidy blushed, but she didn't know what to say.

Then, he said with a smile, "Don't be shy. I'll try my best to have our baby."

The guests at the next table cast a rather ambiguous look at her. All of a sudden, she wanted to run away. Keeping her head down, she lowered her head and ate the food.

Before she was full, an idea came to her mind. She asked, "I have always been wondering what kind of illness Gavin has. Why does the blood from the umbilical cord can cure his diseases? Isn't the blood of the umbilical cord has to be the next baby of his biologic parents? Why me?"

She didn't notice it because of emotional fluctuation when she knew he was going to have the blood from the umbilical cord. After she returned home, she thought that if he needed the blood of the umbilical cord to cure Gavin, why he didn't go to find his biological mother. Why did he come to her? 'Maybe...' She shook her head hard, refusing that kind of speculation.

After a moment of pause, Hearst regained his composure in an instant. Hearst had expected that she would notice it. It was also unrealistic to hide Hearst health condition from her now. Without scruple, Hearst said calmly, "Gavin suffers from leukemia. I have no choice but to turn to you for help."

She looked at him in confusion and asked, "Your ex girlfriend refused to help? He is her child. How could she just stand by and watch him die?"

"My ex died from a severe illness," said Hearst calmly. One of the reasons that he wanted to use his ex-girlfriend as an excuse was that she had already dead.

Taking a glance at him, Heidy was stunned. After a few seconds, she said, "I didn't expect that Gavin is so pitiful. But why I can do that for him? I'm different from your ex, aren't I?"

"My private doctor has made a survey. It shows that you are the most suitable person to have the blood of the umbilical cord in your body when you g

anation, Heidy gave a smile but didn't try to explain. "You have father loves you. He loves you very much," said Heidy with a slight smile.

When she mentioned this, Gavin lowered his head sadly. "I'm afraid father doesn't like me. He has been unhappy these days. He must be angry with me."

Puzzled, she looked at him and asked, "Why is he angry?"

Taking a glance at Heidy, Gavin crossed his hands in front of his chest and said, "Because I said I don't like you. I want daddy to leave you. Dad said that you didn't want to talk to him anymore..."

Hearing his explanation, Heidy didn't know what to say. Caressing his head, she smiled and said, "Your father won't blame you. You are his child, and you have every right to choose your stepmother. Don't worry. I won't be your stepmother and make you unhappy."

Fixing his eyes on Heidy, he said, "Aren't you going to take away my father?"

"Yes, I'm not. But you have to know, even if I don't take away your father, there will be many other people who want to be your stepmother in the future. So I need to try to accept it," Heidy said gently.

Without replying, Gavin looked at her in a daze. After a long while, Gavin suddenly said, "Aunt Heidy, I not hate you that much."

On hearing him, Heidy smiled and said, "Of course, everyone loves me. So even without your father, I can still find someone to love me. Yes, it should be."

Raising her chin, Gavin said in a smug tone, "But you can't find a man who is better than my father. He is the best father in the world."

Looking at his proud expression, Heidy didn't say anything, but smiled. In a child's eyes, parents were always the greatest. She suddenly felt that her decision was correct. After all, everyone loved their own children most. If she had a child in the future and couldn't treat them equally, it would probably cause a deeper harm. Thinking of this, she was more determined.

When they were getting along well with each other, someone not far away took cameras and took pictures of them...

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