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   Chapter 74 Let's Break Up

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In the club, Heidy was sitting in the corner of the hall and drinking the cocktail with a beautiful color on her glass. She looked lonely. Thinking of her relationship with Hearst, she looked depressed. Her phone vibrated on the table. When she noticed that it was Hearst calling, she wasn't happy about it.

She propped her head with one hand and turned off the phone. She raised the glass and swallowed it. She had thought that she would not have such feelings, but it turned out that she could not avoid it.

As Hugh and Tony passed through the hall, they happened to catch a glimpse of Heidy, and a hint of surprise flashed through their eyes. "You go first," said Hugh to Tony. Then he walked towards Heidy.

He sat down beside her and looked at her calmly. "Miss Heidy, why are you drinking alone today?"

Hearing the voice, she turned to the man beside her and smiled, "Hello, I want to have a drink, so I came here. Are you busy today? I heard that you are the best in this club."

Looking at her slightly drunk look, Hugh smiled and said, "Even if I'm busy, I still need some rest. You don't look good. What's the matter?"

Heidy picked up the wine glass, looked at the color and said bitterly, "I'm indeed not good. I didn't expect I would be so embarrassed."

Hugh didn't say anything. He poured himself a glass and said, "It's easy to get drunk when you drink alone."

Taking a look at him, she smiled and said, "Okay, drink with me." She took the glass and clinked it with a tinkling sound. She then raised her head and drank it up.

Perhaps she was drunk, Heidy gradually gave vent to her feelings. With tears in her eyes, Heidy smiled bitterly, "Before today, I thought he really liked me. After today, I suddenly began to doubt my recognition. Does he really love me? Or he just lie to me..."

She found out from the Internet that it was more easy to get pregnant if one was willing to do that. She wondered if the reason why he told her the lie was that he wanted her to get pregnant more easily.

Looking at her, who was holding back her tears, Hugh calmly said, "Love hurts most."

As soon as he finished saying that, a drop of tears fell from Heidy's face. With sadness on her lips, she raised her glass and continued drinking. Hugh didn't stop her. He just sat there and calmly drank with her.

She didn't remember how much she had drunk. She then fell down on Hugh's arms feebly. Resting her head on his shoulder, she blushed and sobbed sadly, "I don't love him any more."

Hugh turned his head to look at her, and remained silent. He looked at the time and said, "Let me take you back home," Hugh said. He walked towards the bar counter while holding Heidy with his hands.

Seeing him, Tony hurriedly said, "Hugh, the guests have been waiting inside for a long time. Is that Miss Heidy? Did you stay with her all the time?"

"Cancel it for me and tell them I'm not feeling well." Hugh just gave a simple answer and walked outside while holding Heidy

up my mind. From now on, we will just business relationship and will not have any involvement in private matters."

Seeing this, Hearst hugged her more tightly and said stubbornly, "That's impossible."

Realizing that she couldn't get rid of him, she stopped resisting and let him manipulate her like a puppet. Not knowing how long it had passed, Hearst finally let go of her. Seeing her anxious face, Hearst said in a low voice, "It's late. Go home and have a rest. Don't think about anything. I'll pretend not to hear what you said today."

Heidy kept silent, stared forward, and said hoarsely, "I'm leaving." Then she walked forward without looking back.

With his hands on his sides, Hearst stared at the back of Heidy in silence. Then the easiest way to solve the contradiction between Gavin and Heidy was to talk about the issue honestly with each other. But in this case, he was not sure of it after he saw Heidy's reaction to this thing. He was willing to risk his life for other things. Heidy was of great importance to him.

Then Hearst turned around and walked towards the direction where the car pulled over. Assistant Liu looked at him and frowned deeply. He hesitated and said, "Miss Heidy and young master..."

"I will handle it," replied Hearst in a firm tone. Assistant Liu didn't say anything more. He stepped on the gas, and the car sped forward swiftly on the road.

Inside the room, Heidy was standing in front of the window, watching the direction where Hearst's car left. Tears quietly flew down her cheeks, but she was not in the mood to wipe them away. Reminded by Gavin's words, she was overcome with fear. She had always worried about the existence of her child. Once the children were born, it would be the hindrance between she and Gavin. Now, what she had worried about came true.

"Face it, Heidy. Gavin is the most important person in Hearst's heart. If Gavin doesn't like you, there will be no future between you and Hearst," Heidy kept telling herself.

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