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   Chapter 70 There is no place for you

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 10305

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Heidy and Hearst spent a night in City B, and then returned to City A together. Some accounts should be settled well.

In the Hua family's villa, with an expressionless face, Heidy squinted her eyes and said to Mary with a cold smile, "Seeing me standing here safe and sound, you must be surprised."

With a faint smile, Mary said calmly, "Heidy, I'm glad to see you come back safely. It seems that the choice to call the police is right.

Standing in front of her, Heidy sneered, "Right? of course. After knowing that you called the police, the kidnappers decided to kill the hostage at once. If Hearst hadn't come to me in time and rescued me, you would be the Hua family's master now. "

Hearing this, Mary looked at her in surprise, "Really? Thank God, you are safe and sound. Heidy, I made that decision for your sake. "

With a sneer, Heidy raised her chin and said coldly, "From today on, you will leave the Hua family. There is no place for you now. "

Before the words were finished, Mary immediately stared at her in astonishment and said, "What? You want to kick me out of the Hua family? Heidy, though you are the head of the Hua family, I am still your elder. What? Do you want to bully me just because your father has passed away? "

Assistant Chen came up to her and handed her a document bag. With the folder in her hand, Heidy sneered, "I'm bullying you? Mary Song, you have made so many love affairs. Do you think you can still have the position of Mrs. Hua? Although my father is dead, I will never allow a man who slanders him to still stay in the Hua family. "

With a livid face, Mary said unyielding, "You want to kick me out of the Hua family? Over my dead body! Heidy, don't think that you are more capable than me. I tell you, you can't drive me away without Hua family's uncle's permission. "

When they were talking, the doorbell rang. Then two men appeared in the Hua family. At the sight of them, Heidy asked with a smile, "Uncle Simmons, uncle Peter, why are you here?"

Simmons Hua stepped forward, sat down on the sofa, and said calmly, "Mary asked us to come over, saying that it was a judge."

Hearing that, Heidy understood what he meant. It turned out that Mary wanted to find a way out for herself. However, Heidy had made up her mind and no one could change her decision. "Recently, Auntie Mary have kept many mistresses outside and have done a lot of shameful things to the Hua family. Today, I'm gonna kick her out of our house. Uncle Simmons, you will agree with me, won't you? "

Before Heidy finished her words, Mary Song said with tears like rain, "Simmons, Peter, I did not do that. Heidy didn't like me, so she slandered me and tried to kick me out of the Hua family. Brother, please help me. "

Hearing that, Peter Hua frowned. He turned to Heidy and said, "Heidy, we can't wrong people without evidence. Mary and your father respected each other when he was alive. I don't think Mary would do such a thing. "

"You know her face, not her heart. Uncle Peter, don't be fooled by some people. When my father was aliv

your father got the help from me when he built the Hua Group. Now that your father is not here, I have the obligation to help you. Your aunt and I will come to visit you after a while. "

Are you going to take my place? Ha-ha. Heidy won't get what I want. When she was about to speak, she heard Hearst say casually, "Three days ago, 808, Rowen hotel."

As soon as he finished speaking, Uncle Simmons pulled a long face. He looked at Hearst, with shock and anger in his eyes. Said Hearst, who looked at Simmons calmly, with composure on his face. "It seems that you have got someone to help you, so there is no need for me to ask. I have to go now. " With that, he left angrily.

Uncle Peter patted on her shoulder and said, "Heidy, come home whenever you have time. Take care of yourself."

"Take care of yourself, Uncle Peter." Heidy responded with a faint smile and watched the third uncle leave.

All of a sudden, the lively Hua house became quiet. With a sigh of relief, Heidy said to the man beside her, "Thank you for coming, or I'm afraid I can't handle the matter just now. You are so quick. You have found the evidence so soon. It seems that we have to let it go. "

Hearst wrapped his arms around her slender waist and said slowly, "You promised me that you would let her go, but I didn't. I will take care of the rest. "

Hearing this, Heidy raised her eyebrows, "What do you want to do to her? By the way, what did you say to Uncle Simmons just now? Why did he give up the purpose of occupying our family so quickly? "

"That's the day when he and Mary colluded with each other." Said Hearst in a casual tone, "What if someone knows about it..."

Hearing no response from Hearst, Heidy understood what he meant and said with a sneer, "Mary Song, you are really good at sexual life. No wonder Uncle Simmons had been helping her. I drove both Sherry and Mary away, and the Hua family has become quiet since then. "

With strong arms and zero distance between the two. Hearst stared at her steadily and said, "You still have me."

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