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   Chapter 69 Falling into the sea

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Updated: 2020-02-19 00:22

In City B, the sky was bright. Heidy was lying on the ground, staring blankly ahead. The kidnapper hadn't brought her anything to eat since last night. They didn't even give her a drop of water. Lying in bed, Heidy closed her eyes in distress.

Two kidnappers came in from the outside. Seeing that Heidy had closed her eyes, one of them asked worriedly, "Is she dead?"

On hearing this, the other kidnapper replied in a low voice, "Nothing. I guess she's asleep. Even if she doesn't die now, she will die after we get the money. Go and find more people. We need to transfer the woman right now. Those policemen should be here soon. "

Following the sound of footsteps, Heidy slowly opened her eyes. Hearing their conversation, Heidy frowned. Her instinct told her that their purpose should not be just simple blackmail. Thinking of this, Heidy frowned.

As expected, several men appeared soon. Seeing them, Heidy looked panic, "What do you want?"

The two men held her up and left. She was put into a car and before she could react, the car had been started quickly. An hour later, the voice of the ocean came to Heidy. Was this the destination for the transaction, the dock of mark Bay?

With eyes covered, she kept walking forward. A chilling wind blew towards her and Heidy couldn't help shivering. The cloth on her face was removed. She was taken to a huge rock. Since she had been starved, Heidy felt weak. "Wait here." The kidnapper said.

Gradually, the sun rose and it was noon. Looking at the sea in front of her, she saw nobody. She got nervous somehow.

The suffering time lasted especially long, and the time of enduring hunger gradually lengthened. In a decadent condition, Heidy sat on a rock and asked, "Can I have something to eat?"

"Dude, she's so co-operative. Why don't we order some food for her? She'll be stuffed." One of the kidnappers said.

He patted him on the head and scolded, "Shut up! How could you care about that. If she is able to run after eating, isn't it a waste? "

The kidnapper lowered his head, saying nothing. Heidy looked at them and whispered: "My family will pay the ransom, and I will not run away."

"Miss. Hua, even if your family paid you ransom... Ouch, man, it hurts... " One of the kidnappers shouted.

Pointing at him, the kidnapper said ferociously, "Both of you speak less and work hard. Otherwise, I will throw you down to feed the fish. " As he spoke, the kidnappers straightly dragged him away.

Hearing this, Heidy was finally certain that their purpose was to kill her, not just money. At the thought of this, Heidy's heart started to pound.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, Hearst sat in the car with an expressionless face, looked at his laptop and thought about something seriously. "President, the policemen are ready at the dock of mark Bay. As long as the kidnappers show up, they will be immediat

ently into her eyes. After a long while, Heidy asked softly, "You saved me, didn't you?" She remembered seeing his face before she fainted.

Then Hearst pinched her cheek and said in a low voice, "You should be glad that I can swim."

Heidy said nothing, just staring at her face quietly. After a long silence, Heidy asked, "Why did you save me? Do you want to die? That's the sea. If you jump like this, you might die with me. "

Looking at her pale face, Hearst replied calmly, "You're my woman. I can't just sit by and watch you get injured."

Feeling warm, Heidy smiled and said, "You saved my life again. I owe you a lot. "

"I said, if you can't repay me, you should give yourself to me." Hearst replied with a smile.

Heidy kept silent. In fact, she had never thought that there would be a man who would give up his life for her. Thinking of what the kidnapper had just said, Heidy's heart was still fluttering with fear. If she hadn't met him, she wouldn't have survived the disaster. "By the way, how did you know I was kidnapped? I don't think the Hua family informed you. Someone wants me to die. " Heidy asked in confusion.

"People who are Noah's man in the police station heard about it." Then Hearst added, "I guess that they don't aim at kidnapping. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been caught as soon as you arrived at City B and connected with the Hua family. Obviously, they know your whereabouts. Therefore, it can be proved that it was a premeditated kidnapping and murdering. "

Hearing his analysis, Heidy thought this man was really smart. If Hearst hadn't guessed it was possible and had made arrangements right away, Heidy might have only been a floating corpse in the sea. With a smile on her lips, Heidy said happily, "I'm glad that I'm still alive."

He lowered his head and kissed her lips. Then Hearst looked into her eyes and replied, "Of course, without my permission, you won't die."

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