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   Chapter 68 Kidnapped and called the police

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In Hua family's villa, Heidy stood in front of the French window, hugging her chest with both hands, and staring out of the window quietly. Her mind was in a mess. Thinking of her relationship with Hearst, she felt like her head was spinning. She could clearly feel the hostility of Gavin to her. At the same time, she hadn't been mentally prepared for being a stepmother.

Heidy opened the window and walked to the balcony slowly. She put her hands on the railing with a sad expression. She had fallen in love with Hearst, but she was worried that he would break up with her. Love was so unpredictable for him. "Should I continue to like him? Or should I just take my heart back, have a baby with him, and then leave his life? " Heidy asked herself in a low voice.

Annie's words reminded her that Gavin's attitude towards her has affected his feelings. She finally decided to let go of her worries and be with him, but she didn't expect there would be other obstacles. At the thought of this, Heidy flinched.

The Butler came to the balcony and said respectfully, "My lady, assistant Chen is waiting downstairs. He said that it's time to go."

Hearing this, Heidy nodded, turned around and replied lightly, "Okay." Then she walked away. The Butler took her luggage and walked behind her. A problem occurred in the branch company of City B and Heidy was needed to solve it. Therefore, he needed to go on a business trip for two days.

Walking downstairs, she happened to meet Mary Song. Heidy ignored her and walked past her directly. "I heard that the man you are looking for has already had a child? I didn't expect that the heiress of the Hua family would pick up a man with a encumbrances. " Mary said with a smile.

Heidy stopped, turned her head and said lightly, "I have almost searched the information. In a few days, it should be ready to take to the ancestral temple of the Hua family."

Her face was as pale as paper. Mary stared at her and asked, "Heidy, how dare you do this to me?" If what she had done recently had been known, she would have been thrown out of the house. If so, she would lose everything.

Shrugging, Heidy smiled, "This is my gift for you." Then Heidy left in poise.

Looking at her back, Mary's eyes narrowed slightly. Her eyes sparkled with viciousness.

Heidy took a plane to City B, and headed to the branch directly with assistant Chen. No matter what, she would put the business of the company in the first place. It was afternoon when he finished his work. It was the same hotel. In the last room, Heidy was touched.

At this moment, her phone vibrated. Seeing Hearst's name on the screen, Heidy answered it, "Hello, I'm on a business trip in City B. I can't go to your house in these two days. "

On the phone, Hearst replied in a low and deep voice, "Well, nothing. Take care of yourself. Call me when you come back."

With a soft humming, Heidy sat on the sofa, eyes looking straight ahead, "Hearst..."

"Yes." Hearst replied and waited for her next move.

She wanted to say someth

hat happened?"

"The Hua family received a blackmail call from the kidnapper, asking for ten million dollars as ransom. But Mrs. Hua is unwilling to pay, so she call the police. " Noah said in a brief way.

Hearst narrowed his eyes and said with a sternness, "Of course she wouldn't agree. She wanted to take the opportunity to get rid of Heidy. If the kidnappers knew that the Hua family already called the police, they would do nothing good to Heidy. Arrange someone to block the news. No one can spread it. "

Noah nodded and asked, "Okay, I'll deal with it. What are you going to do?"

On the other hand, Hearst didn't say anything, but called assistant Liu. "Book a flight to City B as soon as possible, and prepare ten million dollars for me. Besides, you need to prepare another thing at once... " Said Hearst in a cold tone.

Hearing his words, Noah smiled and said, "You're so worried. It seems that Heidy means a lot to you. I remember you said before that you don't need to give too much to others. "

Hearst stood up and said, "She's not someone else."

Noticing Hearst's difference, Noah knew what he meant. He smiled and said, "It seems that you really care about her. To be honest, I am very happy. You always ignored everyone before. I'm really worried about your sexual orientation. "

Standing in front of him, Hearst lowered his shoulder and said, "Don't worry. I'm fine. Otherwise, you will be the first one to suffer. " Then, Hearst walked towards the door.

"It seems that I should be grateful," Noah teased

Without any response, Hearst went straight to the elevator. Inside the Bugatti Veyron, Hearst stared fixedly ahead and said, "Go to the airport."

Assistant Liu nodded and said worriedly, "I don't know what will happen to Miss Hua. Maybe those kidnappers just want money? As long as we pay the ransom, Miss Hua should be safe, right? "

With his eyes narrowed, he couldn't see the expression on Hearst's face. After a long silence, he opened his mouth in a depressed voice, "Not sure."

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