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   Chapter 67 In Hearst's heart, are you more important than Gavin

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In the bustling amusement park, Gavin clapped his hands. He was so excited about the equipment in front of him and smiled brightly. Children are all the same. They always have a strong love for amusement parks. Pointing at the merry-go-round in front of the carousel, Gavin said cheerfully, "Dad, I want to play that one."

Hearst said with a whistle, and put Gavin on the ground, saying, "Walk on your own."

Gavin puckered his head, grabbed the hand which was still fondling Hearst, and said to him with a smile, "Daddy, please."

"Let Heidy hold your hand, OK?" Said Hearst with a smile.

Heidy stepped forward, came to his side, and said with a smile: "Auntie take you."

When she decided to touch Gavin, Gavin intended to turn away from her. Gavin looked at Annie and said with a smile, "Aunt Annie, I want you to hold my hand."

Looking at her empty hand, Heidy was stunned for a moment. When Annie walked beside Gavin, she took his hand naturally. "Let's go on the merry-go-round." Reminded by Annie's words, Gavin went forward in a bright mood.

On seeing that, Hearst frowned and looked at Heidy apprehensively. When Hearst saw Heidy's gaze, Heidy smiled and indicated that she was okay.

Gavin was like a wild horse without rein and kept running since he seldom came to such a place to play. Seeing that, Hearst had no choice but to follow him, but Annie just smiled and followed them all the time. Standing there, Heidy felt that she was ignored.

Sitting on the pirate ship, Hearst finally got the chance to come to say something to Heidy. Seeing her anxious face, Hearst said in a low voice, "Take your time, Heidy."

With a smile on her face, she said, "yes, I know. I'm not familiar with Gavin. "

Hearst laid his hand on her hair and looked into her eyes tenderly, "Well, that's good. What do you want to play? I will accompany you. "

She pointed to the 360 degree body and smiled, "don't you dare?"

With his eyebrows raised, he said slowly, "what do you think?" Before they were done talking, Hearst took Heidy's hand and walked towards the facility.

Soon, they had a 360-degree-body refining. Pulling the protective device of the chair with both hands, Heidy heard the wind pass by her ears. She roared, "Ah! !"

Five minutes later, when Heidy came down, she felt her legs weak. "This is the first time I have sat this kind of facility. I didn't expect it to be exciting." Said Heidy in an unstable tone, leaning against him.

Holding her slender waist, Hearst said with a smile, "I can play many dangerous games. Do you want to try?"

"Will you stay with me?" Heidy chuckled, "I don't like to have a try alone." Just when she was scared, Hearst held her hands in fingers. For her, it was a kind of relief.

He clasped his arm, and their bodies bumped into each other. Staring at her eyebrows, Hearst replied in a low voice, "yes."

Hearing his answer, Heidy smiled and said, "Okay, I believe you."

When they looked at

know that Gavin doesn't like me. He should have planned to have a stepmother. For example, I haven't become a stepmother yet. "

Hearst reminded himself of the accident which had just happened. Then he said in a hoarse voice, "Gavin is afraid that you will take me away."

Nodding her head, Heidy said in an understanding tone, "It's normal. After all, you are his only family member in his memory. In his eyes, you are his whole backing. But now, a woman suddenly appeared and wanted to take everything from him. Everyone would be nervous and reject her. "

Caressing her cheek, Hearst said, "Okay, give him some time, okay?"

Looking him in the eye, Heidy kept silent for a while and nodded, "Okay, I will take some time to adjust my emotions. I'm tired after playing so long today. I will go home and have a rest. "

On the other hand, Hearst didn't say anything. He just held her in his arms. He caressed her hair and rested his chin on her neck. Then Hearst said in a hoarse voice, "Hmm, I just want to hug you."

Hearing what he said, Heidy said softly "Hum". She put her hand on his back and they hugged each other. Smelling the scent from him, Heidy's heart trembled. He didn't know since when she had got used to his smell. If one day they broke up, could they go back to the way they used to be?

They embraced each other in silence. After a long time, Heidy left his arms. Waving to him, Heidy smiled, "I'm leaving. Bye." Without waiting for his answer, Heidy turned around and headed for the car parking not far away.

On the other hand, Hearst stood there, watching her slowly receding into the distance. Hearst frowned at the thought of the accident which had just happened and how sad Gavin had been. He felt that Gavin had a strong aversion to the reminded of Heidy.

"Should we tell them the truth?" Said Hearst to himself. He wasn't sure how his feelings with Heidy could withstand the impact and test of that thing. Thinking of this. Hearst hesitated.

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